New U.S. Trailer For Jackie Chan’s ‘Little Big Soldier’

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Jackie Chan’s Little Big Soldier hits US DVD and BluRay tomorrow and so a new US trailer has been released. The 2010 action comedy is directed by Ding Sheng and produced and written by Jackie Chan, also starring Chan and Leehom Wang.

Synopsis: Little Big Soldier takes place during the Warring States Period of China, and tells the story of three men and a horse. An old foot soldier (Chan) and a young high-ranking general from a rival state (Wang) become the only survivors of a ruthless battle. The soldier decides to kidnap the general and brings him back to his own state in hopes for a reward in return.

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  1. Jewel says

    Unbelievable… how can mistakes like that happen on an official trailer?? The co-star’s name is Leehom Wang and not Lee Hom-Wong??? What the… and Mr. Wang is US-American btw. Look him up on imdb.

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