New ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Trailer – Oscar Isaac Comes Looking for Trouble

X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse

It’s hard to imagine any other comic book movie trailer making as big a splash as we saw last week with the new Captain America: Civil War trailer, unless that insane fantasy version of the Batman vs Superman trailer I cooked up becomes real, but I somehow doubt that. But the advertising juggernaut continues to roll forward, despite the knowledge that its peak for the year might have already been reached, and today we have a brand new trailer for X-Men Apocalypse. I think I’m like a lot of people in that while Apocalypse is high on my radar for this year’s superhero fare, it’s still nowhere near the top in the same way that Civil War and others are. And in a lot of ways, this can work in the movie’s favor. My expectations for it are perfectly middling, and the worst it can be is either somewhat of a letdown after the pretty good Days of Future Past or a pleasant surprise. The new trailer completely reinforces those middling expectations in that it generally looks fun, the action looks decent (if typically overblown) and nothing about it looks as painful as The Last Stand or Wolverine. But then again I suppose we didn’t entirely see those coming, did we….

This second trailer doesn’t drop any bombs on us, not even a hand grenade. We open on an exchange between Magneto and Professor X ripped straight from the first movie in a nice callback, before quickly moving on to a sizzle reel of explosions, characters, characters causing explosions, and one of those slow, mournful covers of a popular song that trailers love so much these days. And that’s fine, really, not every trailer can have Spider-Man show up at the end and cause me to make a sound like I just stepped on a lightbulb. And similarly, not every trailer can be set to an amusing pop favorite. X-Men Apocalypse’s trailer essentially accomplishes everything it needs to, nothing more, nothing less. I suppose a shot of Cyclops actually wearing his visor would be nice. Or Jubilee doing anything. And there’s still no sign of the team’s new uniforms being at all interesting. NOPE no, staying positive, not being cranky.

You can check out the new X-Men Apocalypse trailer below.

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