The News Reel #24: Ewoks are the Key to Feminist Criticism


SOS This Week is now The News Reel! In our latest episode, guest Caroline Siede from The AV Club discusses her article about Return of the Jedi and how the cuddly Ewoks and fandom may be a perfect example of understanding feminist criticism. Siede also gives other examples of films that have feminist undertones, but why they are not perfect in their representation. We also have new trailers for The Jungle Book, news on a Mary Poppins sequel, and the latest film from the director of In Bruges. Be sure to subscribe to The News Reel on iTunes.


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“If you like Return of the Jedi, but hate Ewoks, you understand feminist criticism”

With guest Caroline Siede of The AV Club (Follow her on Twitter @CarolineSiede)


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