News Round-Up: Key & Peele go animated, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ gets a plot, ‘Dragon Tattoo’ finds new star

Key & Peele

Henry Selick to team with Key & Peele for new animated stop-motion film

It has been awhile since director Henry Selick made Coraline, one of the better animated films in years, and he has been looking to move on to a new project. While Disney and LAIKA have both passed on The Shadow King by Selick, it looks like a famous duo will help the director get his next project made.

According to Variety, Key & Peele are set to help create a new animated feature with Selick that will be called Wendell and Wild. The site adds that the project is in the early stages with the duo and Selick ironing out creative details while looking for a distributor at the moment.

Selick spoke about the project, telling Variety that:

“‘Wendell and Wild’ is a comedy about two scheming demon brothers who must face their arch-nemesis, the demon-dusting nun Sister Helly, and her two acolytes, the goth teens Kat and Raoul.”

The project will come from a script by Peele and Selick with the latter also directing and producing. There is no timetable yet, but it joins a host of new projects for the comedy duo after their Comedy Central show came to an end this year.



Paul Rudd, Alexander Skarsgard to headline Duncan Jones’ next film

While director Duncan Jones just released the first trailer for his next film, the blockbuster Warcraft, he is also getting started on his next movie, which will take him back to the indie scene.

The Wrap reports that Jones has tapped Ant-Man star Paul Rudd and True Blood veteran Alexander Skarsgard to headline his next film, Mute. According to the site, the film is “set in Berlin 40 years from now and follows Leo Beiler (Skarsgard), a mute bartender who has one reason and one reason only for living here — and she’s disappeared. But when Leo’s search takes him deeper into the city’s underbelly, an odd pair of American surgeons (led by Rudd) seem to be the only recurring clue, and Leo can’t tell if they can help, or who he should fear most.”

Jones wrote the script with Mike Johnson, with a recent rewrite from Damon People, and plans to make this his follow-up to Warcraft. He has said in the past that this is a project he has been hoping to do for a long time and has set aside to work on Source Code and the fantasy epic:

“I’ve been working towards making ‘Mute’ for 12 years now. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that we’re finally going to shoot this utterly unique film. The fact that I get to make it with Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd makes it all the more exciting! ‘Mute’ is a film that will last. It is unlike any other science fiction being made today.”
Warcraft, his next film, is coming out on June 10, 2016.
Shane Carruth bags Anne Hathaway, Daniel Radcliffe and more for new film
After making the exceptionally small films, Primer and Upstream Color, Shane Carruth is going to make a big budget film and has attracted a big budget cast to do it.
Variety reports that Anne Hathaway, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Radcliffe, Chloe Grace Moretz, Tom Holland, Asa Butterfield, Abraham Attah, and Jeff Goldblum have all joined the cast of Carruth’s next film, The Modern Ocean, which centers on the competition for valuable shipping routes, the search for the hidden cache of priceless material and the powerful need for vengeance in a secretive world filled with mysterious technologies and bitter rivalries.
There are a ton of big names with people like Hathaway, Reeves, Radcliffe, and Goldblum joining a bunch of up-and-coming actors and actresses. Grace Moretz has been attached to multiple projects with her most well-known work being the Carrie and Let the Right One In remakes. Holland is set to be the next Spider-Man for Marvel with his solo film coming in 2017. Butterfield came on the scene in Hugo and has since been rising, including losing out to Holland for the Spider-Man role this summer. Attah was just seen in the Netflix film, Beasts of No Nation, and this is his high profile follow-up to the Cary Fukunaga film.
The Modern Ocean is set to begin filming soon with a release date not set.
‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ getting a reboot with Alicia Vikander being eyed for lead role
Many were hoping for a sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake that was made by director David Fincher and star Rooney Mara, but it looks like that hope is now lost.
The Hollywood Reporter says that a sequel to the Fincher film is done with Sony looking to reboot the series using the fourth book, The Girl int he Spider’s Webs, as a way to jumpstart the property. This book was not written by the original series’ author and follows superhacker Salander (Mara) and investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist (played by Daniel Craig) as they find themselves at the center of a tangled web of spies, cybercriminals and corrupt governments.
On top of the news that original stars, Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig, would not be returning, The Hollywood Reporter adds that The Danish Girl and Ex Machina star Alicia Vikander is being eyed for the lead role of Lisbeth Salander. Vikander has been looking at bigger projects lately, and recently joined the cast of the fifth Bourne movie.
Steven Knight, who wrote World War Z, will be penning a script for this reboot with no director attached at the moment.
R.I.P. Melissa Mathison, screenwriter of E.T.
In sad news, Melissa Mathison, who wrote the screenplay for E.T., passed away on Wednesday. She was 65 years old.
Mathison was married to Harrison Ford from 1983 through 2004 and wrote the screenplay for The Escape Artist, contributed a segment for The Twilight Zone: The Movie, and penned the TV movie Son of the Morning Star. In the mid-’90s, she adapted The Indian in the Cupboard for director Frank Oz.
She also contributed the screenplay for Kundun for Martin Scorsese. Mathison also helped Steven Spielberg one more time, writing the screenplay for next year’s The BFG before her death.
She died of neuroendocrine cancer and is survived by two children from her marriage to Ford.
Noomi Rapace to play Amy Winehouse in new biopic
With the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo getting redone, the original Lisbeth Salander has attached herself to a new project — a biopic on the life of Amy Winehouse.
According to Screen Daily, the biopic, which is being called Amy Winehouse, is set to star Noomi Rapace as the famed artist with August Rush director Kirsten Sheridan attached to direct. The film is in the very early stages right now as they look for a distributor and attempt to secure the music rights to some of Winehouse’s songs.
Rapace is set to return in the sequel to Prometheus and will also star alongside Christian Bale in a biopic on Enzo Ferrari for director Michael Mann. Winehouse has already been the subject of a documentary, Amy, which was panned by her family even though it was lauded by critics.
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
Plot details and character descriptions for ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ released
Harry Potter has been done for awhile, but Warner Bros. is looking to re-invent the magic with a spin-off series and has released the first bit of information this week.
Entertainment Weekly covered the new movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, this week with first looks at star Eddie Redmayne and the return to the wizarding world. The cast for the film also includes Katherine Waterston, Colin Farrell, Dan Fogler, and Ezra Miller.
According to the article, the official synopsis is:
Eccentric magizoologist Newt Scamander comes to New York (for a reason we won’t disclose) with his trusty weathered case. This case is one of those way-way-way-bigger-on-the-inside magical devices, and within are expansive habitats for a collection of rare and endangered magical creatures from Newt’s travels around globe. He discovers the American wizarding community is fearfully hiding from Muggles (who are called “No-Maj” in the US) and the threat of public exposure is an even graver concern than in the U.K. (remember the Salem witch trials?). Fantastic Beasts is the story of what happens when this uniquely skilled English wizard travels to wiz-phobic America and a variety of his creatures, some quite dangerous,… get out of their case.
The film is set to come out later next year with Redmayne leading the cast that will take a look at the wizards of America in a new trilogy of films. The movie will be directed by Harry Potter veteran David Yates with J.K. Rowling contributing the script (her first ever).
Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer’s movie to be ‘funny, dirty, real’
Everyone has to be a little bit excited for the teaming up of funny ladies, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, but even better news is that the duo is planning a movie with J-Law hinting at a script being written this summer. In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Schumer revealed more details on the secret project.
Speaking about the project, Schumer said:
“We just finished a new draft, and we’re just excited about it. It’s funny, it’s dirty, it’s real. It’s like us.”
As for the plot of the film, Lawrence spoke with ET, telling them that the story will have the two stars playing sisters.
“Yep! It’s is all of those things. Amy, in this movie, she has it very together. It’s her lifelong dream to be a flight attendant. She works at the airport. And I’m a mess.”
Lawrence is currently promoting The Hunger Games; Mockingjay – Part II and will next be seen in Joy this Christmas. Schumer just released a HBO comedy special and is working on a screenplay and film with her sister that just bagged 50/50 and The Night Before director Jonathan Levine to direct.
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