E3 2015: Nintendo announces ‘Earthbound Beginnings’ release in North America


Just last week, Earthbound celebrated its 20th anniversary and in order to pay tribute to what is one of the greatest video games ever made, we dedicated one hour discussing the game on the NXpress podcast. While it was the only game in the Mother series to get a stateside release, Earthbound received wide acclaim, and was deemed by many a timeless classic. It has since become one of the most sought-after games in the second-hand market, selling for upwards of $80 for the cartridge alone. Holding onto an incredibly dedicated cult following, the main character Ness became a featured character in the Super Smash Bros. series and in 2013, EarthBound was reissued and given a worldwide release for the Wii U Virtual Console following many years of fan lobbying – but there was no luck in having Mother 1, the first in the series to be officially released stateside.. that is until now. During the Nintendo World Championships 2015, Nintendo announced it will be releasing EarthBound Beginnings, a localized port of the original Mother, for Wii U. Take a look at some gameplay footage in the announcement trailer below, and be sure to check out my review/love letter to my favourite game of all time.

EarthBound Beginnings will arrive on the Wii U Virtual Console today in North America (14th June) and in the early hours of tomorrow morning in Europe (15th June).

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