NXpress #19: Re-evaluating ‘Super Mario 64’ + ‘Super Mario Maker’ and more



This week we continue our Super Mario marathon and discuss Super Mario 64, arguably one of the greatest video games to date, and one which all games would be judged henceforth. How does it hold up today? We’ll let you know how we feel and list what we think are the two worst games ever made that feature Nintendo’s loveable mascot. All this and more!

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Episode Playlist:

00:00: Super Mario 64 intro clip
00:10: Intro
00:30: Nintendosage: Super Mario Maker + PC Gaming vs. Console gaming pt. 2
16:00:  It’s A Me rap track
17:00: Super Mario 64 TV commercial
18:00: The Main Event: Review of Super Mario 64 
51:00: Super Mario 64 theme song 
52:00: Post Game Content: What is the worst game to feature Mario?
61:00: Dj Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince – “Human Video Game”
62:00: Outro 

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