No one sees the world like ‘Steve Jobs’ in first trailer for Danny Boyle-directed biopic

Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs

Is it Oscar season yet?

The first trailer for Steve Jobs dropped on Sunday with Michael Fassbender taking the lead role as the famed CEO of Apple. The film, directed by Danny Boyle from a script by Aaron Sorkin, also stars Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Katherine Waterson, and Michael Stuhlbarg.

Originally intended to be directed by David Fincher, with Christian Bale starring as Jobs, the film is made up of three scenes — each covering a product that Jobs created.

The first trailer is short, but shows enough to say that Boyle isn’t looking to glorify the man and is actually looking to take a look into the mind of one of the most famed figures of our time, much like Sorkin did with The Social Network. Fassbender is arguably one of the best actors working today so while they didn’t get Bale, they still have one of the best working on the project and he looks like he may have the intensity of Steve Jobs down.

Steve Jobs opens in theaters on October 9.

Kate Winslet in Steve Jobs

Seth Rogen in Steve Jobs

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