NXpress #8: Nintendo World Championships, ‘No More Heroes’ and Pac-Man’s 35th Anniversary


Pac-Man is a cultural icon, a landmark in video game history, a symbol of an entire decade and one of the classics of the medium. The game celebrated its 35th anniversary this past weekend so we decided to take some time and discuss Toru Iwatani’s masterpiece. But first, we look ahead at the 2015 Nintendo World Championships and discuss why we think Nintendo has dropped the ball. In our main event, we look back at No More Heroes, the controversial hit from Grasshopper Studios, starring Travis Touchdown, Death Metal, Dr. Peace, Skelter Helter, Holly Summers and many more.

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00:00: 1990 Nintendo World Championship clip
00:30: Intro
01:00: Nintendosage: What to expect from the 2015 Nintendo World Championship
20:00: NES Remix interlude
21:00: No More Heroes clip
22:00: The Main Event: Review of No More Heroes
46:00: No More Heroes theme song
Original Pac-Man commercial 
Post Game Content – celebrating Pac-Man’s 35th anniversary
61:00: No More Heroes Clip
62:00: outro

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