Olly Moss Poster Art for Duncan Jones’ ‘Moon’ and ‘Source Code’

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Artist Olly Moss has created two posters for Duncan Jones’ Moon and Source Code.  The two posters are part of Mondo’s new “Director’s Series”.

Both posters measure 18″x24″ and cost $35 each.  The Moon poster is limited to an edition of 250 while the Source Code poster is limited to an edition of 200. The posters qualify as the next entry in Mondo’s Director’s Series, which previously featured the films of Guillermo del Toro.

You can followMondo @MondoNews for the sale date announcement.  Source Code will make its world premiere on March 11th at the SXSW Film Festival and opens nationwide on April 1st.

Here’s what Duncan Jones had to say about the posters:

“I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Moss since I first saw his mock game manual for Half Life what feels like an age ago. I’ve been desperate to own one of his pieces ever since. Getting that piece to be based on my films is even better!”

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  1. Sound On Sight-Ricky

    check out these great Olly Moss posters for Duncan Jones’ #Moon and #SourceCode


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