22 of the Best Online Golf Stores

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Oceanside golf course at sunset

Golf stores and courses have Tiger Woods to thank for the massive growth in sales and interest over the last 20 years.  I remember when Tiger hit the scene, it was unlike anything in sports given the way he absolutely dominated tournaments.

Interestingly, golf interest and money spent on equipment is now in a downward trend from the 1990’s heyday.  It sure correlates with Tiger’s career trajectory.  He’s had a tough decade and so too has the golf industry.

While golf equipment comprises quite a bit of stuff such as clubs, gloves, balls, bags, towels, apparel and more, clubs make up 2/3 of the total dollars spent on golf equipment.  That’s not surprising because it’s the most costly equipment you need and it’s a must-have piece of equipment.

If you’re in the market for anything golf related, you’re in the right spot.  Below we set out 23 of the best online golf stores where you can order in the comfort of your own home and pick up the goods at your front door.

Golf ball on golf course at sunset

1. Howard’s Golf

Howard’s Golf is a small, family-run golf shop sharing with you the passion for golf. EST 1992.  In addition to selling a wide array of excellent golf equipment, this website offers a ton of really great information about golfing including tips, news and in-depth golf equipment information and reviews.  This is definitely one of my favorite online golf stores.

2. Amazon

As obvious as it may seem, you can’t talk about online shopping without talking about Amazon. The retail giant has taken over enormous parts of an astounding number of industries, and golfing hardware hasn’t been exempt from their ruthless takeover. Their entry into the industry is hardly a bad thing, however. Amazon has a fantastic assortment of deals and an even broader array of hardware options. From balls to clubs, Amazon is more than likely to have you covered with their fantastic selection.

3. Eastbay

Eastbay has a uniquely impressive array of different products. Featuring an immense assortment of different pieces of golf hardware, even the most discerning enthusiast would be hard-pressed to fault the website in terms of its offerings. In addition, the website features a fantastic return policy. You’re able to keep any purchase for up to thirty days and make returns for any reason at all. This benefit means your hardware doesn’t necessarily need to be broken to warrant a return.

4. OnlineSports

OnlineSports is a relatively new outlet. This hasn’t prevented them from providing exemplary service, however. A fantastic option for golf hardware, the retailer has everything from clubs to tees. For an especially comprehensive selection of products, OnlineSports delivers. Additionally, the service waves shipping fees on orders over fifty dollars. This means that if you’re ever buying clubs or bags, shipping is guaranteed to be free, as these products are never below the above price point.

5. Golf Galaxy

Initially, a more traditional outlet, the hardware supplier wisely entered the online space recently. Golf Galaxy is known for being a cut above the rest, offering hardware that is cutting-edge and quality before anything else. The premium nature of their selection means you’re unlikely to find anything in the way of clearance, however. If you’re looking for top-shelf golfing equipment, Golf Galaxy may be your best bet.

6. Rock Bottom Golf

As its name suggests, Rock Bottom Golf is a discount retailer. Golf is an expensive hobby, and discount retailers allow more frugal players to stay in the game. And while they specialize in procuring discounted hardware, they don’t sacrifice quality in the process. Rock Bottom Golf is an excellent option for those looking for discount hardware that doesn’t cut corners.

7. PGA Tour Superstore

Many people don’t realize that PGA actually has their online storefront. It specializes in more name-brand hardware, which means that prices are generally higher than they are with the competition. Buying from PGA has some advantages, however. The giant has many customer satisfaction guarantees, which means purchases can be made with more confidence. It’s a great choice for those who want to be satisfied with their purchase.

8. GolfDirectNow

GolfDirectNow is a general golf hardware retailer. This fact means that the storefront caters to a swath of different demographics rather than specializing in one. This broad appeal makes the service a stellar option for beginners. Likewise, it can also be suitable for those who want a large selection of different products.

9. Golf Discount

Golf Discount wastes no time in telling you what it’s all about. The service is another discount retailer. It differentiates itself from other options by slashing shipping costs for especially large orders. This means that frugal golfers can buy in bulk from the service. Golf Discount is a fantastic option for those who want good deals.

10. Worldwide Golf Shops

Worldwide Golf Shops will appeal to the international golfer. It ships all over the world, which can be an immensely useful benefit for those in more remote locales. Additionally, shipping costs are kept at a minimum for those in especially far-off areas, a fact that assists with overall accessibility.

11. The Golf Warehouse

The Golf Warehouse has a wide spectrum of different offerings. The retailer specializes in providing golf hardware that is either out of production or especially rare. These facts make the storefront an especially good fit for collectors and golfers with more discerning tastes. It’s worth your consideration.

12. Dick’s Sporting Goods

You’ve probably seen this place in your local mall at some point. Dick’s is for sporting goods what Walmart is for everything else, which is to say that it boasts a large selection of hardware. If you want everything and the kitchen sink, Dick’s might the perfect place for your golf-related needs.

13. 3balls

3Balls is a small, online retailer. They’re relatively new, which is more of a positive than you might expect. To compete with the stiff competition, the retailer has a number of discounts and special offers available. Take advantage of these while you can, because the service is becoming increasingly more popular.

14. Overstock

Overstock is an online retailer that sells a ton of different kinds of products. Its name isn’t just a boast; the storefront literally buys extra stock from other retailers and sells them at marked-down prices. Their products aren’t junk, however. The stock isn’t so much “stuff nobody wants” as it is “products retailers weren’t smart enough to market properly.” In accordance, you stand to make a sizeable profit from taking a look at their selection.

15. Miami Golf

Miami Golf is well-known as one of the world’s largest golf hot spots. This online storefront is capitalizing on that renown by making the area their base of operations. As such, their stock is often trendy and premium. Golf is a sport with a ton of different premium offerings, and for those with an interest in the cutting-edge, this retailer may be a great fit.

16. 2ndSwing

2ndSwing is another general retailer. While they don’t boast any unique benefits or features, their stock is frequently updated. They also take care to keep new models and hard to find tools in stock, so they’re worth a look in a pinch. While they aren’t as extravagant or specialized as some other entries, they’re still worth your consideration.

17. Online Golf

Online Golf is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an online golf retailer. Their stock is comprehensive and unique, boasting a number of interesting and rarely seen offerings. Their customer support staff is attentive and knowledgeable as well. Because of this, beginners may find themselves attracted to the more welcoming and information-centric nature of the service.

18. GolfWrx

GolfWrx offers an impressive array of deals and services. The service has an impressively comprehensive stock and boasts a fantastic customer service section. It’s an all-around stellar option for those who want timely, quality service. The website has more of a focus on technology-based golf hardware, so it’s an especially appealing option if that is your area of interest.

19. TaylorMade

TaylorMade is one of few big-name golf manufacturers that runs their own storefront. In most cases, it’s more cost effective for large companies to let third-party retailers do the heavy lifting, but for one reason or another TaylorMade saw fit to host their storefront themselves. As such, if you’re a big fan of the brand, then this is the first place you’re going to want to look for new products and hardware releases.

20. Carl’s Golfland

While it may be strange to equate an online storefront to a mom-and-pop shop, Carl’s Golfland may be as close as you can get. Operated by the titular Carl, the retailer is small, scrappy, and most importantly, quality. Carl stocks his website with a selection that meets par with his more corporate competition, so don’t write him off because of his size. If you’re interested in supporting the little guy, give this storefront a look.

21. eBay

If all of these retailers don’t suit your needs, you can always give eBay a look. Arguably the best place for second-hand goods and hard to find products, eBay needs no introduction. While return policies and warranties will vary on a seller-to-seller basis, the service still provides a worthwhile buying experience. Golf hardware has become an especially popular marketplace in the service as well, which means you will find no shortage of options. Give eBay a look if you’re struggling to find satisfaction with more mainstream choices.

22. Craigslist

If even eBay isn’t able to suit your needs, we have one last option for you: Craigslist. The service will allow you to look at an assortment of local listings for second-hand products. While the risks associated with doing so speak for themselves, it’s still worth your time if you’re struggling with other avenues. There are hundreds of success stories with Craigslist, and the website lists golf hardware as one of the most popular sections on the website. If you live in more remote areas, or areas where golf is especially popular, you may struggle to find offers. But if you’re in a major city or upscale neighborhood, the service may actually have a more comprehensive selection than most traditional online golf stores.

23. SportChek

I love SportChek.  We have a huge brick and mortar store in our town and it’s where we buy much of our equipment. They have a tremendous selection of golf equipment online.  It’s definitely an online golf store to check out.


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