22 of the Best Online Sock Stores

Group of men wearing colorful socks

Recently I got into colorful socks.  My entire life I wore single color socks.  Then one day I decided to mix it up and add more style to my look so I started looking online for colorful socks.

The more I searched, the more sock stores I discovered online.  I couldn’t believe how many there were.  I noted them down.  Ultimately I made my purchase and in the process put this article together.

Here’s my list of 22 of the best sock stores online

Man wearing dark and light blue socks

1. Smartwool: Smartwool is one of the most well known sock brands specializing in socks for hikers, and outdoor adventure seekers. Founded by ski instructors in Colorado in 1994, Smartwool has quickly become a go to sock for outdoor sports. Smartwool offers socks made from New Zealand wool that include such benefits as odor reduction and moisture-wicking. Smartwool now offers socks for all occasions, and makes sizes for men, women, and children.

2. Mack Weldon: Launched in 2012, Mack Weldon is a lifestyle brand that focuses on high quality men’s basics. They offer traditional dress socks in a variety of designs, as well as no-show socks and other men’s wardrobe basics. Made from high quality materials and focused on fit, Mack Weldon is a great choice when big box brands feel lacking.

3. boldsocks: As the name suggest, boldsocks offers interesting and uniquely patterned socks that stand out among boring blacks and browns. Available for men, women, and children boldsocks has offerings of slightly elevated classics to bold and bright scenes and colors. Starting in 2011 from a desire for more interesting dress socks, boldsocks now offers socks in a variety of sizes from no-show to men’s XL, and stocks wedding ready socks along with customizable designs.

4. Stance: Stance offers all kinds of socks for everyone from star wars novelty to runners socks, from knee highs to stockings. Started in 2009, their mantra is “embrace the uncommon thread”. They are a lifestyle brand popular among athletes, artists, and celebrities. You can even order a monthly subscription of new socks to keep your closet fresh.

5. Socks Addict: Touting themselves as “soxperts”, Socks Addict is interested in bringing you the newest, highest functioning, and most inventive socks available. With a huge inventory of men’s, women’s, and kid’s for any occasion or activity, Socks Addict is excited to be bringing yo the best socks. They even have a blog dedicated to all things socks.

6. Bombas: Starting in 2013 with a 1 for 1 business model (they donate a pair for every pair purchased), Bombas makes customers feel like philanthropists while also getting a pair of quality socks. They take care to consider common sock issues, and resolve them all while having donated over 8.6 million pairs of socks. One additional feature unique to Bombas is their laundry back guarantee. Loose a sock in the laundry and they will replace it for free within one year.

7. Happy Socks: Happy Socks was founded in 2008 with the goal of making interesting, colorful, and high quality socks. Offering fun and colorful socks for men and women, Happy Socks lives up to its names with designs that incorporate seasons, animals, and even features popular artists such as Andy Warhol.

8. The Sock Drawer: The Sock Drawer is all about expressing joy and positivity through your socks. Starting as a brick and mortar store in 2007, The Sock Drawer expanded online in 2011 and was met with great success in the online sock stores market. Now offering thousands of different socks, this is a great place if you are looking for a gift or simply to brighten your wardrobe.

9. Black Socks: Open since 1999, Black Socks specializes in dress socks for men, featuring all the standard colors with varying length options. Chic, simple, and sophisticated, Black Socks is great for men who need comfortable, high quality dress socks. If you are looking for luxury, they even offer cashmere and Merino wool options.

10. Solo Socks: Solo Socks began in 2016 and was founded on reducing waste by creating sets of seven socks that mix and match. This fun and funky concept gives you more options for daily wear and eliminates the frustration that comes with missing socks. A Danish brand, they ship all over the world and offer socks for men, women, and kids in varying lengths and designs. They even sell a “mystery box” if you are an adventurous shopper.

11. Sock Smith: A fun option for cute and creative socks for the whole family, Sock Smith started as a boutique shop then opened online in 2007. “No Boring Socks!” is what they say, and that surely seems to be the case with many bright and colorful designs. One great feature of Sock Smith is their Sock of the Month club where recipients get two pairs of socks each month.

12. John’s Crazy Socks: John’s Crazy Socks was co-founded in 2016 by John Lee Cronin, a young entrepreneur with Down syndrome, and his father. Committed to serving people with differing abilities, John’s Crazy Socks gives 5% of earning to the Special Olympics. With a fun Sock of the Month Club and fun playfully designed socks, this is a sock company you can feel good about buying from.

13. Soxy: With great graphic prints that can be purchased individually or in bundles of 5 pairs, Soxy is a great way to add fun socks that are still everyday wearable. Soxy socks are designed for men, and according to the two brothers who founded the company, the goal is, “to generate 1,000,000 compliments.” With their hip yet accessible designs, they are surely well on their way.

14. Strideline: Strideline prides themselves on being the most comfortable sock on earth. With heavy science behind the design, Strideline offers a soft, perfect fit that won’t bunch or slip. Crafted with memory yarn, Strideline has spent over a decade getting their materials just right. Founded by two men right out of high school, this company is dedicated to the success and comfort of their socks for men and women.

15. My Photo Socks: Totally customizable, My Photo Socks offers tons of fun designs made with images that you provide. They can be faces of friends or family, dogs or pets, or whatever else you think would look great on your feet. Surprising a loved one with a gift of socks featuring you is a unique a fun gift that they will always remember. With designs for any occasion and age, My Photo Socks are great all year round.

16. Fun Socks: Fun Socks offers a plethora of amazing socks from casual, to party, from dressed up to gym, they have something for every sock need you could imagine. Fun Socks is an offshoot of lifestyle brand Fun Company and was founded in 2017. Like everything at Fun Company, Fun Socks goes for a New York vibe of fashionable, edgy, classic, and fun all at once. With designs for men, women, and kids you cannot go wrong with this class and energetic brand.

17. Joy of Socks: Joy of Socks is one of the oldest online sock stores. With a hand-picked collection of unique styles and rare patterns, Joy of Socks has an impressive inventory. Offering a unique collection of fun and funky knee highs and socks, you can dress up any look with their fun designs. With socks for the whole family, Joy of Socks is a great option for gifts, special occasions, or wardrobe upgrades.

18. Dap Rogers: Offering many men’s accessories but specializing in socks, Dap Rogers goal is “to enhance one’s presentation and create a unique & sophisticated look”. Offering hand selected and high quality products from respectable brands, Dap Rogers is great when you want to add a little extra something creative to your wardrobe while maintaining a high-class look.

19. Rockay: Rockay makes premium socks designed for the serious runner. Founded in Denmark, Rockay not only wants to create socks ideal for a runner’s gait, but also has a sustainability mission at their heart. Hoping to move to fabrics that can be recycled and making fabrics from plastics, Rockay is committed to creating their product and doing good for the planet at the same time.

20. ModSock: Launching as an independent brand in 2013, ModSock offers their own original designs while also selling other popular sock brands. ModSock offers cute, fun, and whimsical socks for men, women, and children, and is easy to browse based on size or brand. Offering everything from wool hiking socks to holiday favorites, ModSock is easy shop with and will surely leave you feeling great about your new socks.

21. Foot Traffic: Foot Traffic started as a specialty sock store in 1986 and has been having fun selling bold socks ever since. Offering socks for everyone and every occasion, they have an especially impressive collection of women’s socks that includes fun and colorful knee highs and over the knee high socks, lace socks, tights, leggings, leg warmers, and thigh highs.

22. Invisasox: Invisasox was crafted by people who loved wearing shoes without socks, but hated the blisters, sweaty feet, and stinky shoes that came along with it. In response to this issue, Invisasox were born. With the aim to make the best no-show sock on the market, Invisasox offers one simple design for men and women in five different color options.

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