10 of the Best Online Vitamin Stores

Natural herbal vitamins.

The health-conscious trend, an aging population, and the demand for sports nutrition products help keep the online vitamins and supplements sales industry to thrive. According to a recent study conducted by Slice Intelligence, the said industry is growing even faster than the rest of e-commerce, I.e. all of the wearables, hair care, and snack foods combined.

Millennial women make up the largest market with 54 percent while a majority of the products purchased online are made through Amazon. The giant online retailer reaps 77 percent of all online vitamins and supplements sales. It is followed by online specialized sellers Vitacost, Swanson Vitamins, and Puritan’s Pride.

List of Online Vitamin Stores

Multivitamins of different colors.

1. The Vitamin Shoppe: The Vitamin Shoppe is an extensive vitamin shop that sells numerous brands and products. On the website, users can search under departments such as digestion, superfoods and groceries, healthy weight, aromatherapy, and so much more. The Vitamin Shoppe carries tons of products from Garden of Life, BodyTech, Megafood, Cellucor, and Quest Nutrition, just to name a few. The Vitamine Shoppe offers vitamins for hair and nail growth, probiotics for a happy tummy, bone, and energy support products, and an array of muscle building products. However you wish to improve health or physique, there is something that can help you here.

2. Omega Alpha USA: Not only does this website sell human health products, but they also sell pet and equestrian health products, too. A quick glance on their website and customers can see the extensive variety Omega Alpha USA has to offer. For instance, they have anti-aging products like flaxseed oil and goji juice, cold & flu products like HerbaCough and Echinacea Adult or Kids, Anti-Inflammatory aids like AntiFlamX or Tetda Gel, and many others for energy & stress, cognitive aid, bone & joint, blood sugar-cardio, detox & organ support, and vitamins and minerals for women’s health. Whatever illness you have, the Omega Alpha USA has a vitamin and supplement for it at a reasonable price.

3. Giant Tiger: Vitamins on the Giant Tiger website range from $25-$49.99, making it an affordable site to buy vitamins from. Giant Tiger has a variety of products, like a bottle of vitamin B12 (60 tablets) for 10.97, Webber Naturals D3 (260 tablets) for $6.97, and Vitamin C tablets for $6.27. While they do not carry as many as other stores, they offer a great deal compared to similar websites. Free shipping is offered to those who spend $75 or more on the website.

4. VitaCostVitaCost has great sales for their large selection of vitamins and health products. New customers can instantly save 10% off their order by signing up to their email list, where they can receive news on free shipping events, health tips, and so much more. The VitaCost website has different departments, such as probiotics, herbs, vitamins & supplements, and food & beverages. Customers can find vitamin soft gels, omega-3 oil capsules, apple cider vinegar capsules here. They also have vitamins catered for  vegan customers. Most of their bottles of vitamins run anywhere from $10-20 per bottle, making them very affordable. Before purchasing the vitamins, customers can read extensive reviews to make sure they are buying the right product for their lifestyle.

5. Lucky Vitamin: Whether you need vitamins & supplements, minerals, personal care items, or just healthy food, Lucky Vitamin has it all. They are even hosting a draw of a $500 gift card to those who sign up to their email list – you could be the lucky winner! In addition to offering reasonably priced vitamins, the website has links to many health concerns such as allergies, acne, anxiety, congestion, cold sores, and depression; you can read about ways to treat different ailments using the vitamins they sell on their website. Lucky Vitamin even offers deals of the week and a clearance section for those watching their pocketbook. Currently, shoppers can buy magnesium powder for $22.00 or men’s multivitamin gummies for $11.00.

6. Vitamin Life: Customers can save up to 50% off on vitamins and supplements by buying them from the Vitamin Life website. They carry tons of different brands like Barleans, A. Vogel, Bragg, Diva, and many more great brands. Prices are relatively reasonable, depending on what you want to purchase. Most vitamins will be priced anywhere from $15-$30, but keep your eye out for frequent sales that like to pop up on the web page. The Vitamin Life website is user-friendly, and customers can simply search whatever they need by brand, category or product.

7. Vitamin King: Your search for quality vitamins can stop here – at Vitamin King. They have tons of great vitamins to choose from, such as all the vitamins and multi-vitamins for a reasonable price of $10-$15, in both liquid and pill form. Customers can sign up to the Vitamin King email list where they can receive the latest news and updates first. Shipping time is also promoted as very efficient and speedy so that customers can get their vitamins as quickly as possible.

8. Nature’s Source: With products like Progressive, Thorne, Vega, NFH, Garden of Life, Genestra Brands, and Metagenics, Nature’s Source is the ultimate place to buy vitamins online. They even offer free expedited shipping on orders over $50 and have a wish list option for customers to save items as they go to come back to later. The website is user-friendly and divided up into different categories, like anti-oxidants, detox, aromatherapy, cough & cold, allergy relief, eye vision, and so much more! Customers can shop an extensive list of vitamins and minerals from the top brands on the market for a reasonable price. Vitamins can be purchased anywhere from $5.99-$20.99.

9. Ideal Vitamins: Ideal Vitamins is literally the ideal place to shop for vitamins at a low cost. They offer amazing brands and selections for everything under the sun and for free shipping. Customers can buy magnesium pills for $11.90 or bromelain for $35.99; there is something for everyone on their website. There is even a section on the Ideal Vitamin website where customers can submit their email to receive exclusive offers from the company.

10. Vitamin World: An excellent selection for both men and women can be found on the Vitamin World website. Whether you need vitamin A, B, C, D, E, or K, they have it in pills, tablets, capsules, and even cream to offer you. In addition to this, they offer vitamin products for digestion, superfoods, weight loss and maintenance, and herbs and holistic health. If you need something for weight loss, you may want to try their coconut oil capsules or green coffee bean pills, and if you need a vitamin for pregnancy, you may want to try their prenatal complex or prenatal multivitamin. Vitamin World offers comparable and affordable prices on their vitamins, ranging anywhere from $5.00 to $50.00 or higher.

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