Open Source #12: Farewell, 2014!


It’s the last podcast of the year! Join the Open Source crew as they look back at their top games of the year – will Shovelknight or The Walking Dead steal the crown? Worried there’s too many games to play this holiday season? Listen to John’s thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition and Tariq on Shadow of Mordor.

Rounding out the episode, there’s plenty of exciting news to digest, including Nintendo’s announcement that their next console is cresting the horizon, Square-Enix’s will-they-won’t-they exclusivity on Rise of the Tomb Raider, Telltale’s Minecraft entry and the Xbox One/PS4 battle heats up as Microsoft wins November (or does it?). Plus – John gambles on PS4 dominating 2015 with the penalty of eating a shoe!

As always, please send in any questions, comments or suggestions to [email protected] – have your email read out and argued over on-air, plus win a free game! Happy new year from all at Open Source!


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