Open Source #13: Hello, 2015!


Happy New Year from Open Source! It may have been a rather slow holiday in Gaming News Land, but that doesn’t mean there’s not lots to talk about. Could Sony and Microsoft have done anything to prevent LizardSquad from ruining the Christmas of entitled children everywhere? What does this mean for future online services? And why were Nintendo spared the hack-attack?

Rounding off this episode is a double bill of financial news – the rise of the mighty Steam sale and Notch’s super fancy new pad in LA (wait until you hear the price of the toilets!). Is Alien: Isolation worth your time? Does Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare improve on previous titles? Is Dragon Age: Inquisition TOO big? And is South Park: The Stick of Truth the funniest game out there? Tune in and find out!

As always, please send in any questions, comments or suggestions to – have your email read out and argued over on-air, plus win a free game! (It’s Brothers for crying out loud!)


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