Owen Wilson and James Bond have ‘No Escape’ from Southeast Asia in new trailer

Pierce Brosnan and Owen Wilson in No Escape

Question: Did you want Owen Wilson to be an action star? Did you want him to team up with a former Bond actor also? If either answer is yes, there is a movie just for you.

The first trailer for No Escape was released 0n Thursday and stars Wilson as an American businessman who moves his family to Southeast Asia only to get caught up in a violent uprising. The film is directed by Devil’s John Erick Dowdle and co-stars Brosnan and Lake Bell.

There has never been a large desire to see Wilson in a role like this, and while Brosnan has been reviving his action past lately with movies like The November Man, it seems like this could be a big stinker. Outside of the offensive plot, it doesn’t seem like there is much there to enjoy from the first trailer.

No Escape is set to open in theaters on September 2.

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