‘Pandemic’ Trailer Takes Another Crack at First-Person Cinema


Filming an entire movie in the First Person perspective, where you actually see through the eyes of a character, is something people keep trying to pull off to varying degrees of success. The earliest example is Lady in the Lake, a 1947 adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel of the same name. Since then it’s been tried in films including genre movies like Doom and JeruZalem and more serious fare like Russian Ark. It’s a tricky thing to pull off, since years of watching films in which “breaking the fourth wall” or looking directly into the camera are a relatively rare occurrences has made the experience of film characters seemingly looking right at us during conversations somewhat unsettling. It also creates the need for long takes, since the POV style means editing must be kept to a minimum.

The latest film to give the POV format a technique is Pandemic, an action-horror film from director John Suits. The film seemingly takes place in the wake of a massive (you guessed it) pandemic or zombie style outbreak. Our protagonist is a doctor sent into the contaminated zone to search for survivors and try and avoid having her face chewed off by the ravenous horde that was once her fellow man. Pandemic looks to be taking a LOT of cues from First Person Shooter videogames, with characters giving her conflicting advice about whether or not to treat all this as a game, and numerous scenes wherein the lead seems to be running around holding a gun in her face in a way any firearms expert will tell you is a terrible way to hold a gun.

Still, Pandemic is at least trying something to make itself stand apart from the pack, and might even be able to pull the POV style off if Suits and company bring their A-game to the project.

You can watch the trailer for Pandemic below

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