Fantasia 2008: ‘Pighunt’

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Directed by James Isaac

From the demented mind of director James Isaac (Jason X) comes a survivalist horror / action film complete with hardcore violence, hippies, unnecessary nudity, racism, rednecks and a giant 3000 pound pig named Ripper.

The film follows John (Travis Aaron Wade), his girlfriend Brooks (Tina Huang), and his friends who voyage out to his uncle’s remote cabin in the woods for a weekend getaway of sex, drinking and hunting. Only things go wrong when some past acquaintances bearing old grudges cross paths with the group causing a quarrel to break out. Rubbing shoulders the wrong way the group of friends soon find themselves on the run and now “the hunted”, as the local redneck hillbillies drive out with murderous intentions. Led by the Tibb’s brothers along side Preacher (Les Claypool of Primus), the group chases John and company deep into the forest causing both parties to cross paths with the forest’s Gypsy inhabitants; a nudist cult of porn star like amazons who of course worship who else but Ripper. And what do they feed the pig? Do you really need to ask?

It’s an exploitation film that’s unapologetic and once the first kill takes place, it goes for the extreme and never looks back. Reminiscent of films like Grizzly, Deliverance and even The Condemned, screenwriter Robert Mailer Anderson throws every sub genre into the fire so your never really know sure where it’s heading.

It’s difficult to review this film seriously because it’s has ridiculous as the directors former film Jason X. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but what saves the film is that it is never taken seriously. Issac’s only intention and care is to have as good of a time has he can on set and hopefully deliver the same feeling to its audience. Tired of working within the Hollywood system, he takes every opportunity here to do everything and anything he normally can’t do and breaks every rule.

Gore hounds and fans of old grindhouse pictures will love its gratuitous violence and supercharged action. Don’t expect a clever story, good acting or even a great score. This film gets its legs from the naked vixens and well, the wild boar.

Kyle Reese