Plot details revealed for Kick-Ass Sequel

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Comic book writer Mark Millar has become know for his controversial, violent, and sexual themed writing. He has also had great success in revitalizing current characters such as “Wolverine,” and his work on the “Ultimate” line of comics. In 2004 Millar launched a creator-owned line called Millarworld that was published simultaneously by four different, competing comic book companies. So far, Wanted, Chosen, The Unfunnies, Kick-Ass and War Heroes have seen print and most have had film adaptations. After Mark Millar revealed details for the second book to “Kick-ass”, Director Matthew Vaughn officially made an  announcement in regards to the movie sequel.

Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall will begin with Hit Girl living with her newly adoptive father, Big Daddy’s ex-partner on the police force. She has retired her guns and is no longer killing people. Meanwhile, Red Mist has hired a Russian assassin to murder Hit Girl, while also assembling a group of super villains on-line who decide to hunt Kick-Ass down in a storyline that is similar to the one seen in The Warriors, which climaxes with a huge rumble in Times Square, where costumed heroes battle costumed villains to the death. Read the interview with director Matthew Vaughn over at

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