Sound On Sight Radio #124 – Misadventures in Las Vegas

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This weekend saw Todd Philips’ “The Hangover” far outperforming expectations, but Philips is hardly the first to tackle the infamous city (and its associations) in the realm of studio comedy before, so we’ve decided to take take an hour and look at two Vegas-themed comedies – Peter Berg’s dark comedy “Very Bad Things” and Doug Liman’s “Swingers” – along with “The Hangover” itself.

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  1. Myles says

    Actually Jesse his next movie is the sequel to Old School, entitled ‘Old School Dos’.

  2. Myles says

    Hey guys,

    Great job analyzing the movie – I’ll have to agree with Simon on this one. The laughs for me were too far apart and the incessant toilet humour (a fundamental element of a Todd Philips movie) just doesn’t do it for me, but ZG was pretty good.
    I also agree with the useless cameos by J. Tambor and Mike Tyson…but I thought the Korean “mob boss” was hilarious, and although he was stereotyped eight ways from Sunday I must sheepishly admit that I laughed my ass off during the desert scene where they make the trade for ‘Doug’.
    Overall though I was disappointed and I hope Philips can change his approach to comedy in the future because it’s pretty fucking predictable.

    1. Jesse says

      Well you may very well be disappointed in knowing that his next film is the sequel to The Hangover.

      Also I felt the Doug scene was the best scene in the film.

  3. Ricky says

    Hey guys

    So I finally saw The Hangover and I listened to your review again. You guys did a great job covering the film. Ali wanted to know if I would be upset watching this movie because of the use of the word fagot at the start. To be honest with you it did not bother me at all. In fact the word was only used in one short scene and mentioned three times. I would have preferred another word in its place but overall I did not find it at all offensive. The problem with this movie is that its trailer shows way too much. I did laugh and it is a great movie but I felt I laughed more at the trailer. The prime example is the cameo by Mike Tyson. First off, Tyson is not funny but maybe if they did not show him in the trailer; his cameo may have had some sort of impact on the audience. I also hated the Asian mob boss and the ending. Overall I am still excited for the sequel.

  4. Ricky says

    Hey guys! I really loved this show. I had a blast sitting at home and listening to it. Well I wasn’t sitting but rather unpacking but you get the idea. Swingers rocks. I love that movie and I even put it on my top 5 Vegas movies. Very Bad Things was very bad. Sorry but it just didn’t do it for me. I even gave it a second chance.

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