Transformers, More than meets the eye? – Sound On Sight Podcast #131

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This past weekend saw the inimitable Michael Bay releasing (unleashing?) his latest upon filmgoers, his sequel to 2007’s summer smash / Hasbro tie-in, “Tranformers,” entited “Revenge of the Fallen.” Al, Ali, Rick and Simon are all present to take on this colossal enterprise. So if you’ve ever wondered what Mr. Bay has in common with used condoms and George Orwell’s “1984,” we have the answers…and they aren’t pretty. Remember, we watched all five hours of the Transformers franchise so you don’t have to…even if an alarming number of you did.

[powerpress] (read the Transformers review that Al mentioned on the show.


  1. Yvonne Reistetter says

    Everyone was talking only about the detonation of the number of records that were being set by the Transformers movies(Transformers 2007, Revenge of the Fallen, and Dark of the Moon) right from United States to Malaysia and China. It was hard to believe that the Transformers had crossed the records of even epic movie by director James Cameron’s the Titanic. Families went to the theaters in droves; the old generation – likely mothers and fathers by now – ushering the new generation in to see the favorite alien robots of their youth. Hasbro, the gigantic toy company that originated the Transformers, made record sales in the toys and merchandising that went along with the film, ensuring that everything came full-circle.

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  3. […] The 2010 Razzie Awards has been released and with no surprise Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Land Of The Lost have topped the year’s hall of shame nominations earning seven nods a piece. Looking back at 2009, our Transformers 2 review was by far the most controversial show reciting negative feedback from Michael Bay lovers who couldn’t handle our criticism on his piece of shit movie. It also marked the last appearance by former co-host Ali McKinnon. Feel free to take a listen by clicking here. […]

  4. Bodyc says

    Hi, – da best. Keep it going!
    Thank you

  5. why stoop to that level? says

    I just listened to the podcast and was disappointed to start the show with some immature and ridiculous comments made about your co-host popularity contest. Just because the ONLY female host is winning your poll, doesn’t mean you have to stoop to such low gendered terms and relate Ali’s winning position to her taste in movies. Have your opinions about FILMS, but lay off the sexist remarks if you don’t want to lose listeners who dare include themselves in Ali’s “legion of chick flick fans.” Is this American Idol or an educated and critical radio show? I’m not the biggest fan of chick flicks, but I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT a fan of boys who are threatened by losing a contest to a girl. Forget the co-host popularity poll and stick to what you do best: discussing films!

    1. Ricky says

      Wow! Clearly someone is taking our show too seriously. Perhaps Ali can let us know if she was at all upset with Al`s comment which from my point of view was clearly a friendly joke. I have nothing to apologize for.

  6. PlanBFromOuterSpace says

    Why do my posts appear out of order? Is it because I accidentally replied to the posts themselves and didn’t write in the box at the bottom? Hmmm…

    1. Ricky says

      If you reply to a comment, it appears under the comment you replied to. I am not sure what you mean by no love to the music choices. Also you are a member of the Sound on Sight team. Any regular listener is and we welcome anyone to contribute to the site. We are also more than happy to link up any of our listener sites and blogs.
      We were going to review more Michael Bay films like The Rock but than Michael Jackson dies and I had two days to whip up a show dedicated to him. Maybe one day in the future Ali can convince us to watch more Bay films. I do like The Rock.

      1. PlanBFromOuterSpace says

        Not that anyone SHOULD love it, but as goofy as this installment was, I’m surprised that Stan Bush’s “The Touch” from Transformers: The Movie didn’t make it into the playlist…or at least the Dirk Diggler version from “Boogie Nights”.

        I agree that The Rock is pretty good, though it too drags at times as a result of Bay’s chronic I-don’t-know-how-to-make-a-film-with-a-runtime-of-less-than-two-and-a-half-hours-itis.

        1. Ricky says

          Agreed. The rock has it`s many problems. Cage, Connery, run time and stereo type to start.

  7. PlanBFromOuterSpace says

    I work at a movie theater in the suburbs, so I get to hear allll of the lame excuses like the “well, it’s just a big summer action movie” thing that you guys mentioned. Can you think of any other type of movie that gets the “It’s supposed to be stupid” pass on such a regular basis? I’ve yet to hear someone say “Well, movies about British people drinking tea are SUPPOSED to be boring” when defending a Judi Dench flick.

    Oh, and I’ve listened to you guys so much these past few months that…*sniffle*…I already FEEL like a member of the “Sound on Sight” family! The first episodes I listened to were the Friday the 13th specials back in February, and I think it was after someone had linked to them on an IMDB message board. I was hoping for more of a Bay retrospective here, but just the 2 Transformers flicks seemed to give you guys enough material to work with. It would have been fun for you guys to include the animated Transformers: The Movie for the hell of it. Speaking of which, no love for “The Touch” in your musical choices?

  8. PlanBFromOuterSpace says

    OH, and I just remembered another big one!

    Why, when the Fallen makes the Decepticon presence known to the world, does it go NOWHERE? They’re like “Hey, we’re here to take over the world or something!”, and then we never see the effects of it. We don’t see them annihilate cities or enslave mankind or anything. As far as we know, everyone just goes back to their day-to-day lives, and no one seems to notice. The world doesn’t seem to react in any way whatsoever, despite the fact that the Decepticons have given the world every reason to want to hunt down Shia. Being hunted while he traveled half way around the world could have made for some interesting situations and chase scenes to fill up the otherwise uneventful middle hour, but no, we just get the teleportation bit.

    1. Ricky says

      I stopped thinking about any plot holes five minutes in.

  9. PlanBFromOuterSpace says

    Some of the really dumb things that stood out to me:

    * Is it just me, or did Megan Fox manage to trap a Decepticon, go to the airport, and fly cross-country in just the span of time it took for Shia to walk back to his dorm room? Maybe the military guys at the end should have flown commercial, as they would have arrived much faster.

    * Were there really no other Autobots we could have been left with for that middle hour besides the Jar Jar twins? Anytime we got to see the other Autobots, they were doing absolutely nothing. They popped in at the end, and that was about it. While I’m on the subject…

    * Killing off one of the only interesting characters an hour in? I believe you guys pointed out in the podcast that they could have cut out the middle-man entirely and used the shard on PRIME. Sure, that would have robbed us of getting to hear Jetfire talk like a pirate and another mind-blowingly “what the hell?” moment when the gang steps outside the Smithsonian into an airplane graveyard in ARIZONA or something, but it would have been worth it.

    * Great, the rail gun took out Devastator, but why didn’t they just aim lower and take out the weapon?

    * I always love it in movies with elite fighting teams when one of the guys in CHARGE is saying “We’re so screwed”. Way to keep it together, Tyrese…

    * The lame swine flu line that was probably added in the last month. When they’re in the meat shop, there’s a swine flu “joke” clearly dubbed in. That’s “Disaster Movie”-level humor right there. People will notice it now (I said notice, not LAUGH at), but in a year, they won’t even know what it meant.

    * The tone of the movie was all over the place. Right in the middle of a big serious scene, they’d throw in a dick joke from out of nowhere. Also, when the twins were doing their thing, you’d start thinking that they were including some dumb slapstick for the kids, but then they’d start calling people pussies or bitches. What? For the most part, I think the first film did a much better job of balancing the humor. At least it didn’t seem as lame or as out of place as it does here.

    * Robot heaven.

    Transformers 2 is one of those movies that I’m never going to have to see a second time, because it left SUCH a bad impression the first time around that I remember it so vividly. I haven’t seen a movie like that since “When A Stranger Calls”…

    1. Ricky says

      People think I am over reacting or not thinking when I say I think it is the worse big studio film of all time. I have thought it through and I honestly can`t think of any big budget film that I disliked more. Also I am a little disappointed that we didn`t talk about Robot Heaven. In any case I am upset that I spent 27 dollars on this film and that I wasted one hour of our precious radio time discussing it. Some of my friends and many listeners like it and that is fine but that doesn`t mean that I have to.

    2. Al says

      This guy needs to be on our show.

  10. Mark says

    The “worst film Hollywood ever made”?
    Rick………think think before saying this.
    It’s only the worst NOW because it’s the freshest on the screen.
    I’m sure there must have been something worst.
    Maybe there are more interesting ways to diss the film….

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