Sound On Sight Radio #132 – Public Enemy #1

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The gangster film is an American institution, like churches that look like Dennys and creationism museums. And every era has its own sub-genre, from the film noir of the forties to the Mafia films of the seventies, to straight to DVD releases starring guys from Death Row Records in the 1990s. Today, Sound on Sight takes a sneak peak at Michael Mann’s Public Enemies, the forthcoming film starring Johnny Depp as bank robber John Dillinger. We’ll also get a taste of international gangsterism, courtesy of English crime movie The Long Good Friday and 1937 French gangster film Pepe Le Moko.


  1. Cd mailers says

    its crazy how 3d technology is taking off. they currently have touchable 3d and they are coming out with 3d screens that you dont require glasses for. insane stuff. i still think its a little bit of a gimmick however.

  2. pamela fruendt says

    what planet are you guys from? before you comment on the Public Enemies script don’t you think you should read the source material…namely the book? your comments about the HBO series are off base as well…do your homework so you don’t sound like a moron. lastly, the film covers the last 13 months of dillinger’s life from a fly on a wall perspective. this is the reason the hd works. boy, do i feel sorry for your audience.

    1. Ricky says

      So I am bit confused by your rude comment. Your comment pretty much echoes my review. The film does it’s best in covering the last 13 months of his life but there is only so much you can pack into a two hour script (something I repeated on our broadcast). Regarding the HD camera work: Two of the three hosts preferred he did not use it, yet we all agreed it was beautifully shot. So it is clear you didn’t listen very well to our show. Another classic example of someone who can’t accept other people’s opinions and views on movies. So if you are not prepared to listen to other people’s opinions on film other than yours, than why do you bother listening to a film review show or reading any film review? Also to claim that someone doesn’t have the right to comment on a film because they have not read the book is rather silly of you.

    2. Jen says

      I am a long time listener of this show and I could care less what you think of its hosts or it’s listeners. Ricky is right. You can`t accept any criticism on a movie so why are you here? Also you have no class insulting them. I would love to see you produce a film review show independently. Perhaps your better off watching trashy TV shows like Entertainment Tonight which offers no real opinions on film but is used as a marketing tool to sell the mainstream movies to idiots like yourself.

    3. Mark says

      I thought this was a really good show and that the boys did a great job reviewing Public Enemies. They may have not loved the film but they were still kind to it. In fact someone went to far to say that it might get an Oscar nod and they even raved about the performances by both Bale and Depp. I have not read the book but I have seen the film and I agree. There is something missing and even Roger Ebert ended his review by saying he is trying to understand why this is only a good movie and not a great one.

    4. Mark says

      You can track down crazy Pamela and her crazy feedback on other film sites. Clearly she is insane and obsessed with Johnny Depp.

  3. Andre says

    I felt the need to leave a comment arguing in favour of Michael Mann’s aesthetic choices. The camerawork was the most engrossing part of the film in my opinion. The decision to go for a video, handheld,and grainy look makes a period piece feel documentary-like which is a remarkable achievement. It feels exactly as if someone had a camera handy at the time and we’re watching amateur footage. Only it’s professionally made and those sloppy zooms ins are actually meticulously planned since Michael Mann concentrates on details like you say. It wasn’t the same as most films focusing on realism now like the past few palm d’or winners, it was more like TV which I found interesting. That being said, you’re right that it upstages the characters. I think he was just thinking pictures.

    1. Ricky says

      I completely agree with everything you said. I did mention on the show that I felt he did an excellent job in how he shot this film. I just would have proffered this look in any other Mann film but not one of a 30`s Gangster film. That is just a personal preference but I can’t deny its brilliance.

  4. Stephen says

    What was up with that weird inappropriate intro in the gangster episode? Very odd. Made me laugh but very odd.

    1. Al says

      It’s what happens when you write the show intro on the bus 20 minutes before air time.

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