This Podcast Came From the Moon #13


Undoubtedly The Taken King is an enjoyable game.  That alone doesn’t mean Bungie succeeded in the goals it set for the latest Destiny expansion.  This wild episode features Tim and Ryan discussing whether or not Bungie met the goals they set for themselves.  In lucky episode thirteen, they also discuss the lead up to and result of the Sleeper Simulant quest, Crucible balance, and thoughts on Eververse, whether its worthwhile and what could make it something special.  Plus, there’s a blooper or two thrown in for good measure.  So that’s something.


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Episode Playlist

0:00:00- Destiny Clip
0:00:45- Two Man Fireteam on Sleeper Simulant
0:14:00- Blooper #1
0:14:20- New Year Resolutions
0:55:40- Blooper #2
0:56:00- Eververse
1:14:40- Outro

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