This Podcast Came From the Moon #14

Raid armor

The Taken King has now been out for over a month, and Bungie is giving it all they’ve got to keep Destiny┬árelevant amidst a whirlwind of new releases. ┬áThis week the Two Man Fireteam predicts changes coming to the most recent raid when its hard mode hits, discusses the return of the PVP Iron Banner competition, before concluding with impressions of the quick and quiet hot fix Bungie released.


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Episode Playlist

0:00:00- Intro
0:00:20- Two Man Fireteam on Hard Raid
0:23:10- Blooper
0:24:30- Iron Banter
0:44:10- Red Vs. Blue Clip
0:44:40- Fixin’ For Some Hot Fixes
1:00:10- Outro

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