This Podcast Came From the Moon #16


This week on Destiny wasn’t great.  Some terrible wording on the weekly update, some unenjoyable ventures into the Crucible, overall lack of balance, the return of Trials, and some more time with the Festival of the Lost event ensured that.  Listen to the Two Man Fireteam discuss the weekly update and some general thoughts on how Destiny could improve.  Also discussed are challenge mode for the raid, class balancing, and the random drop system.

Tim’s Halo Review

Kotaku Destiny Article

The gif Tim Sent Ryan


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Episode Playlist

0:00:00- Destiny OST “Remembrance” Piano Cover by Lady Desiree
0:01:00- Two Man Fireteam on Update 10/29
0:25:20- Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Clip
0:26:00- How Destiny Could Improve
1:02:00- Outro

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