This Podcast Came From the Moon #19


After a week off to celebrate Thanksgiving and eat turkey, the Two Man Fireteam is back!  Since the last podcast, Tim and Ryan completed Iron Banner, studied up on the December update, and dissected the coming weapon tuning.  Listen in to learn what exotics Tim and Ryan are looking forward to, what weapons to level up and look out for after the tuning, overall thoughts about secret Moon bases, and how to properly spell “dentist.”  Enjoy!


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Episode Playlist

0:00:00- Destiny Clip
0:01:20- Two Man Fireteam on Iron Banner
0:09:10- Destiny Clip
0:10:00- Challenge Mode in December and Exotics to Remember
0:31:00- Destiny OST “The Warmind” Drum Cover by TcPron Plays Destiny
0:33:00- Winter Chillin’ and Killin’- Weapon Tuning
0:51:40- Outro and TMFT on Stormtrooper

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