This Podcast Came From the Moon #9


After months of anticipation, The Taken King is finally here.  Listen as the Two Man Fireteam gives their impressions on the next year of Destiny.  This week’s podcast covers all things Taken King including a discussion of whether the dlc redeems the game’s narrative shortcomings, a review of the campaign, a discussion of the new strikes and whether or not they meet the communities expectations, impressions on patrol and the Court of Oryx, full disclosure on how the armor, weapon, and light system now works, before wrapping up with a conversation about whether The Taken King‘s price tag matches the amount of content received.  So take the time to give this episode a listen.  You won’t regret it.


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Episode Playlist

0:00:00- The Taken King Theme
0:00:30- Intro
0:01:00- Two Man Fireteam
0:12:10- Destiny: TTK Opening Cutscene Clip
0:12:50- The Taken King
0:42:50- Destiny: TTK Prologue Cinematic Clip
0:43:30- Destiny: TTK Life Expectancy
1:01:30- Outro

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