Sound On Sight Radio #252: David Cronenberg with Special Guests from FILMJUNK

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Our special guests this week, Sean and Jay from the Film Junk Podcast, hail St-Catharine’s, Ontario, not far from Toronto so it seemed to make sense to revisit the man who may be Toronto’s most famed filmmaker, David Cronenberg, who we last discussed in detail way back in Episode 100. We’ll be rewinding bacl to two of his most hallowed 80s flicks, 1983’s Videodrome and 1986’s The Fly.

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Hilotrons – Feet First
The Luyas – Too Beautiful to Work
Ladyhawk – Night You’re Beautiful

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  2. Mark in Ottawa says

    Thanks for this. It could have been a bit longer, though.

    All the best.

  3. Kurt says

    Cronenberg himself has said that VIDEODROME was written in the middle of the ‘hysteria’ and controversy of the CITY TV (a local, indie Toronto TV station) that was showing more or less uncensored violent movies, and ‘Baby-Blue’ soft core pornography really late on the weekends. All Cronenberg did was take the hysteria and hyperbole and like a good horror film director, has exaggerated it as far as he can go. I also think that Videodrome plays like an absurdist bit of satire.

  4. Darcy S McCallum

    2 of the best film podcasts around cover films by their country's 2nd cinema treasure behind drive-in pountine..

  5. Sound On Sight-Ricky

    Sound On Sight & the folks over at @FilmJunk review two films from Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg

  6. Ren says

    My favourite podcast people all in one show. Awesome.

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