Sordid Cinema 505: Fantastic Fest Special: ‘The Martian,’ ‘Love & Peace’ and ‘Yakuza Apocalypse’

The Martian Podcast Review


With Love & Peace, Sion Sono comes out of his comfort zone to deliver a startlingly touching and accessible film that the whole family can enjoy. Based on a screenplay he wrote two decades ago, Sion Sono gives the rock movie a makeover by fusing together slapstick – romance – politics – classic Hollywood Christmas movies – Tokusatsu films, puppetry and stop-motion animation. In our main event, we discuss this bizarre movie before moving on to Yakuza Apocalypse, the latest from Takashi Miike which recaptures the spirit of the director’s earlier work that made him famous. But first we take some time to discuss The Martian, the latest in a series of realistic science fiction films that eschew the space opera elements of the genre and concentrate instead on believable aspects. Joining us is the associate film editor of, Victor Stiff. All this and more.


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00:00: Show Intro
01:30: What we’ve been watching: The Martian, The Similars and Maze Runner
20:00: The Martian clip
21:00: David Bowie – “Life on Mars”
22:00 Love & Peace clip
22:00: Main Event: review of Sion Sono’s Love & Peace
49:00: Love & Peace movie clip
50:00: Bonus ReviewYakuza Apocalypse review
70:00: The Martian outtakes

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