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PopOptiq is the joint effort of a team of like-minded pop-culture devotees from across North America. Our goal is to create worthwhile original writing, podcasts, and other content on the subject of visual pop culture. While we place an emphasis on independent and genre-based work, we find value in all modes of expression, as well as the intersections therein, an ethos that applies to all four of our main areas of interest (Film, TV, Games, and Comics). There is more to discover in all of these mediums than ever before, and so we are looking for talented contributors to join our team and help us produce columns, features, and reviews on a regular basis.

Writing for PopOptiq is a great way to kick-start your pop-culture journalism career, and many of our writers have gone on to write for major publications across the globe. If you are passionate about writing, interested in collaborating with our dedicated and helpful editorial staff, or you are looking for journalistic experience and are searching for a platform for your work to be showcased, look no further.

Current Openings:

TV reviewers


If interested, email admin@popoptiq.com with a writing sample, and please answers all the questions below. Thank you.

What city do you live in?

What sort of writing are you interested in contributing? (features/reviews/news/columns)

Which section(s) are you interested in writing for?

Do you have any background in writing/criticism/blogging?

Please include a writing sample!

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