Poster and Teaser for Wong Kar-Wai’s “The Grand Master”

In the grand scheme of competing Ip Man bio-pics, director Wong Kar-Wai is almost done completing his martial arts film, The Grand Master. At last a teaser has been released and but isn’t guaranteed to impress any lovers of martial arts movies since it features no footage but just lots of dramatic text.. The biopic on Bruce Lee‘s mentor, Yip Man, boasts an impressive cast consisting of Tony Leung, Chiu-wai in the title role, Song Hye-kyo as his wife, with Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Benshan, Julian Cheun Chi-lam and Chang Chenand rounding out the main roles.

Filming is still underway and is scheduled to shoot at least for a week or two after Christmas—making it seem unlikely it will be ready for Cannes

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