Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

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1. The Next Three Days: Grade B

The mosaic collage style may have gotten a little stale in recent years, but it is still interesting in just how visually overwhelming it can be. It is ugly, but the ugliness comes in waves, which makes for an interesting poster.

2. The Last Exorcism: Grade B

There is nothing extraordinary about this poster at first glance, but the visceral nature of the poster becomes more apparent the more one looks at it. The detail of the burning wood is rather meticulous, one can almost smell it, the color reflects the dark shadowy vibe of the film, and the enraged face of actress, Ashley Bell is unsettling. The only downfall is the placement of the title which distracts the eye from the disturbing image.

3. The Bill Collector: Grade F

It’s good to see such a colorful long time character actor like Danny Trejo get a piece of the spotlight. Machete seems to be a hit, and now it looks like he is featured in The Bill Collector. However, none of that helps an awful poster. Random images galore in this one, from some anonymous man running, to the odd smiling faces on the bottom, not to mention the very random and candid shot of Danny Trejo. It’s another poster just haphazardly thrown together without any rhyme or reason.

4. Tron Legacy: Grade C

The use of light color makes Tron Legacy seem at the very least it will be a visually pleasing film, and the poster is about the same. The posters design is dull and lifeless, but the color, light, and foreboding background image set it apart from most other posters.

5. Suck: Grade C-

What is going on in this poster? We have a random bushel of heads, a strange, patch work image of a concert, a whirlwind of color, and a strangely alluring female vampire. Will you like this film? Maybe not, but the poster sure grabs one’s attention.

6. The Virginity Hit: Grade D

One would think this is the type of poster I would like. It is simple, to the point, good use of color. But it doesn’t seem to commit to the simplicity. It is a case where the tagline, and credits very much clutter what is otherwise a good poster.

7. Killer God: Grade B

The tagline is a little silly but luckily it doesn’t dominate the poster, instead the detailed art is the focal point. The colors are minimal and create a little mood. Could it use a little dash of life? Sure, but it’s design is tight and eye catching as is.

8. Let Me In: Grade B-

I’m not sure what Chloe Morentz appearing to be in the womb has to do with the film, or if that was even the intention of the poster, but nonetheless it makes for an aesthetically pleasing poster. The silky look of the blood against the black is both beautiful and menacing.

9. Monsters: Grade A

This was very nearly the Poster of The Week. It isn’t the most original design for a poster, but the splash of color, and the subtle glimpse of a monster in the mirrored eyes of the mask make for an eerie and pretty image.

10. Blog: Grade A

I like The Poster of The Week for the story it tells. One immediately ponders the gossip floating between the encircled girls in their sparse surroundings. The title design isn’t the most original, but it doesn’t take away from the subtle craft of the overall poster.

  1. James Merolla says

    I love the fact that the poster for suck is such an incredible mess, but I took some points off for the same reason you mentioned. It’s a stupid blurb.

  2. Dan North says

    Love the posters for Monsters and Blog, even if they’re clearly riffing on the poster campaign for Where the Wild Things Are. The Suck poster is pretty terrible, and features that most vague and evasive complement that it “has the potential to become a cult classic.” Surely everything has that potential, and not always for good or predictable reasons.

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