Poster round up

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1. 127 Hours: Grade C+

The color for this poster is great. However, it looks a little too perfect and clean, if that is a fair criticism.

2. Waste Land: Grade D+

There is something very ironic about this poster, maybe even purposely so, but I find it ironic that a film about trash and waste filling our world has a poster that is full of unnecessary clutter. The design is tricky enough for the eye, but the award mentions, critic blurbs, among other superfluous things just makes the whole thing a mess.

3. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Grade C+

The subtle splashes of red against the gray, and black background is great. However, I feel like we’ve seen the poster several times from the Harry Potter franchise. Not to mention I still can’t figure out why they shortened the title on the poster to ‘HP7’. It’s bad.

4. Taqwacores: Grade B

Not the most original of posters but it still works. The vintage, weathered look in posters is getting old, but I still like it. My only problem is the font used for the critic blurbs, very ugly.

5. 180 Degrees South: Grade B

An awesome image coupled with a simple design, equals a good poster. My only problem is with the graphics on the title, it is a bit overkill.

6. The Warrior’s Way: Grade D

It is kind of creepy looking, and the look of Danny Huston is pretty cool, but what a boring poster overall.

7. What’s The Story Morning Glory? : Grade B

I like the look of Rachel McAdams, and yes, the text rolls right over her, but it isn’t intrusive. There is nothing exciting about it, but it is pretty.

8. And Soon The Darkness: Grade C-

When I first looked at this poster I thought it was bad, but upon further review I noticed that the poster was tighter than I thought. I can do without the random headshots, but I like the way they pieced together the snippets from the film. It gives one an immediate sense of dread.

9. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives: Grade B+

What a strange and fantastic poster. The colors are unique, and the image has an eerie beauty to it. It makes me want to see the film. I suppose the poster has done it’s job.

10. Monsters: Grade A

This is the second time a poster from this film has been chosen for Poster of The Week. Unlike the colorful past winner, this poster is full of muted reds and faded colors that complement the simple horror to its bizarre design.

  1. Tyler Schirado says

    And the 127 Hours poster is nice, its a great play on an hour glass, and although it uses the traditional Orange and Blue scheme (look that up) it still presents an interesting guise of what the movie represents.

  2. Tyler Schirado says

    Morning Glory is the name of the movie, not “What’s the Story Morning Glory?”

    1. Tyler Schirado says

      And the And Soon The Darkness is a spitting image of the A Perfect Getaway Poster, but orange instead of dark green.

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