Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

1. Aftershock: Grade B

We will start this week with one of my favorite aspects of movie posters, colors. I like any poster that uses bold colors. The reds, the yellows, and the oranges are striking, and downright lovely.

Now, there were other posters for Aftershock I could have chosen from but what really drew me in to this particular one, besides the colors, was the way the numbers dominate the image. I really don’t know why I like the big overbearing numbers, but the numbers, along with the colors make this poster a winner.

Yes, I know this writeup doesn’t make me seem too sharp, what with the colors, big numbers. I had a long weekend, just bear with me.

2. The Experiment: Grade C-

This is the second poster for The Experiment featured on The Poster Roundup, and the second shirtless Adrien Brody. Unfortunately this shirtless Brody isn’t as good as the first. Yes, there are images projected on his bare chest that we can assume are from the film, but I really don’t know. In all seriousness, this poster would be better without the images, and the full focus being on the shirtless Brody. A little more of a subtle touch, that is all I ask for.

3. Freakonomics: Grade B

This poster works because I really want to eat that freak of a fruit. The green apple skin looks sour and sweet, and the inner, orange looking part looks tangy and citrusy. What a beautiful combination. This is the kind of poster I like, it is simple, inviting, and tasty.

4. Tales from Earthsea: Grade A

This poster almost made my poster of the week. It is a gorgeous illustration that immediately takes me back to the meticulously detailed fantasy books of my childhood. The grandeur of the landscape, and the detail of the dragon keeps my eyes glued to the image. This is one of the few posters I will say make me really want to see the film.

5. Howl: Grade B+

The only reason this didn’t get an A is because of the white lettering on a yellow background. It is harsh on the eye, and anyone giving this poster a passing glance in a theater may not even see the title. However, there are a lot of positives, such as the illustrations, they are simple, yet they have a great deal of expressiveness to them. I also love the off-centered lines scrolled throughout, that suggest the off-centered opposition Ginsberg and his ilk posed for the stuffy suit and ties seen above him.

6. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest: Grade F

I hate this poster, and it is far too ugly to go into much detail, but it seems like whomever designed it was doing his or her best to make a bold impression on people. Unless this film is a comedy and I am completely misreading it, they failed at making that bold impression.

7. The Maid: Grade A

This is a good batch of posters this week, because here we have another that very nearly was the poster of the week. This poster is comically rich, from the deadpan stare of the guerrilla, to the subtle details of the rubber gloves. It also has a very warm look with the use of water colors. It is all very splashy, yet, neat, and subtle.

8. Neshoba: Grade B+

A very cold, honest poster, with a simple, direct presentation. There isn’t much more to say, the poster speaks for itself. My only complaint is the font of the tagline. It could have used a little more thought and attention to detail.

9. Ready, Set, Bag!: Grade C+

Something about this poster feels generic, and almost abrasive, but at the same time it’s familiar nature gives it a homey, playful feel. I think it is the red of the background which instinctively puts one on edge, coupled with the inherent comfort and harmless look of a bad of groceries.

10. Smash His Camera: Grade A+

And here we have arrived at the poster of the week. We get the intimate look at the provocative figure of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, she is free, and breezy as the picture of American fashion and beauty, juxtaposed with the slashing red banner title. The poster has the French New Wave feel to it that I have come to be such a sucker for. It is off-kilter, beautiful, with a brash dash of self-awareness and absurdity.

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