Predictably, Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar Special Was Star-Studded and Hilarious. Watch Clips Here!

Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel

Well, the Oscars happened, and a whole lot of stuff happened with them. An internet meme went to its final resting place, Chris Rock made a blistering condemnation of Academy racism before making a blisteringly racist joke himself, and Roger Deakins was overlooked for what will probably not be the last time. Am I sore about that last one? A little bit, but thankfully Jimmy Kimmel’s now traditional Oscars special was on-hand to sooth that righteous nerd rage.

Kimmel’s special was more or less a non-stop cavalcade of crowd-pleasing moments, from Ben Affleck sneaking Matt Damon onto the set, a Batman vs Superman “deleted scene”, and appearances by Sacha Baron Cohen, Tracy Morgan and others. Anticipating that all this chicanery would quickly go viral, Kimmel and co had the foresight to upload most of the show to Youtube. Enough of it that you kinda wonder why they didn’t just upload the entire episode, to be honest.

First up, check out Affleck “sneaking” Matt Damon in for a guest appearance, and Kimmel’s “totally real” surprise at the Martian star’s presence. Kimmel quickly shooed Damon off stage, in the latest installment of their ongoing “feud”.

Next up is a sketch featuring Affleck and BvS co-stars Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg. It’s interesting to note how Kimmel starts this segment off mentioning how watching Batman and Supes duke it out in a violent brawl is unsettling for kids and adults alike. Almost like a more violent, R-rated cut of the film would be a really terrible idea. Ok, ok, I’ll stop kicking that dead horse. The sketch is a lot of fun, with Kimmel and friends making a few obvious but nonetheless fun jokes, topped off by an appearance by everyone’s new favorite iteration of the caped crusader.

Next is an appearance by Sacha Baron Cohen, live from the red carpet and hot on the heels of him appearing alongside Olivia Wilde to present best picture nominee Room. Personally I’ve never been able to get behind Cohen’s various characters, including Ali G, who he appeared as for the ceremony. But fans of Cohen will probably get a kick out of this clip, which also continues the Kimmel/Damon hijinx.

Among the special’s two major sketches was this one, starring the still-awesome duo of Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane in a searing takedown of everyone’s (least) favorite orange Repulican Candidate, Donald Drumpf. Between this and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight rant, last night was a bad night to be the Donald.

Rounding things out was a Creed spoof featuring Tracy Morgan at the son of Mr. T’s Rocky III villain Clubber Lang. And can I just say how great it is to see Tracy Morgan again? After 2014’s car accident almost took the comedian’s life and left him severely injured, it looked for a while like he would be forced to retire from the spotlight. Thankfully, he’s made recovered enough to return and if it hasn’t been said enough, welcome back Mr Morgan.

What was your favorite part of Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar special? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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