Recommended Reading: Telluride’s Sneak Previews, M Knight’s New Film, Dissecting the Work of Roger Deakins and more


Dissecting the work of Roger Deakins. An indepth analysis of  cinematography work in Prisoners.

Telluride Film Festival Won’t Back Down from ‘Sneak Preview’ Premieres.

Songwriter Loses Oscar Nomination Over Illegal Lobbying. Former AMPAS governor Bruce Broughton is stripped of his nomination for ‘Alone Yet Not Alone.’

Revisit Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life with 90 Unused Posters.


the_tree_of_life_terrence_malick_unused_posters_14-620x315 the_tree_of_life_terrence_malick_unused_posters_4-620x315 the_tree_of_life_terrence_malick_unused_posters_2-620x317 the_tree_of_life_terrence_malick_unused_posters_1-620x316

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