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Recommended Reading: The Future of True Detective, Dirty Harry, Nicolas Cage and SXSW


Joshua Budich’s “Time Is A Flat Circle” illustrated poster for True Detective.

Creator Nic Pizzolatto on happy endings, season 2, and the future of Cohle and Hart:

“True Detective wrapped its celebrated, intensely parsed first season last night with a finale that has invited a wide variety of reactions. Your opinion might hinge on whether or not you found the revelation of The Yellow King — Errol Childress, aka The Lawnmower Man — and his evil to be interesting and a surprisingly uplifting, optimistic ending for Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) to be the correct call for the series.  The man behind the madness stands behind his choices, although the writer (best known before this for the crime novel Galveston) sounds a bit relieved that the roller coaster ride of his first major work for television has reached its conclusion.  ”Our long national nightmare is over!” laughs Nic Pizzolatto, jumping on the phone not long after the east coasting airing, and before watching the finale with his family and music supervisor T. Bone Burnett at McConaughey’s house. In this brief interview, Pizzolatto discusses his endgame vision, clarifies Errol’s master plan, and teases season 2 of True Detective — and the future of Cohle and Hart.”

The “It’s a Man’s (Celluloid) World” survey, which was released by Martha M. Lauzen, executive director of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University, revealed that women accounted for only 15 percent of protagonists, 29 percent of major characters and 30 percent of speaking characters in the top 100 (domestic) grossing films of 2013.

Here Are the Best Things Nicolas Cage Said During His Career-Spanning SXSW Talk:

“In introducing his “Joe” star Nicolas Cage to the stage at a SXSW panel held in the actor’s honor, director David Grodon Green called the Oscar-winner a “mysterious and magical man.” His words couldn’t have been more apt. Over the course of the hour-long “fireside chit-chat” (per Green), the idiosyncratic icon did not disappoint, answering every question posed by Green and his well-prepared fanbase in attendance with a mix of gusto and humility. He even at one point offered to buy a fan a flight home after learning that she had missed hers to make his talk.”
“The title character of Dirty Harry is often thought of as a prototypical rogue icon. He’s the original renegade cop, shirking his captain’s orders and doing things his own way, a true anti-hero. But don’t let the lone wolf swagger, the natty clothes or the shaggy head of hair mislead you: Inspector Harry Callahan is a staunch right-wing warrior, and the superiors against whom he rails are a pack of ineffectual bleeding heart bureaucrats, more concerned with a murderer’s rights than yours. (Yes, yours: the first scene opens with a sniper’s rifle pointed directly at the audience.) Meanwhile, your banks are being robbed in broad daylight, your children are being kidnapped by crazed hippies and when inky black night falls on the city, you can’t even traverse a public park without being accosted by crime and perversion. It’s a world gone mad, moving too fast in the wrong direction, and it’s Harry’s dirty job to swim against this septic tide.”

Video of the Day: A video essay by Matt Zoller Seitz and Steven Santos about Deadwood.


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