NYCC: Return of the Giant Robots

The Sunrise panel at New York comic con had a lot of announcements. At the start of the hour long panel the structure was revealed as beginning with everything except Gundam, and then transitioning to Gundam announcements.

For the “Not-Gundam” section, Sunrise did it’s best to promote upcoming titles. Trailers were shown for Valvre the Liberator, Tiger Bunny Rising, and a new show called Cool Crew. A trailer was also shown for the Blu Ray release of  the classic series Cowboy Bebop. The quality of the series looked incredible, and the colors of the hand drawn animation really popped on the display screen. The crowd went wild when the trailer ended, and the gathered representatives from Sunrise looked rather pleased.


The next section dealt with all the Gundam announcements. In addition to Gundam Unicorn coming to Blu Ray, the original creator of Gundam was announced to be returning to the series with Reconguista in G. Not much information was given on Reconguista past the hope that it would debut before the end of the year.

The real announcement to come out of this panel though, was that Sunsise would be partnering with Right Stuff to bring Mobile Suit Gundam to DVD and Blu Ray release in the United States. In addition to the classic series, the never-before-released outside of Japan series, Turn A Gundam, would also be making its way to North America. Pricing, exact dates, and further plans for the releases were not revealed at that time.


There was a short Q&A session where the assembled audience members offered to throw their abundance of cash at Sunrise. One interesting question was if Sunrise would be trying to bring Gundam back to network TV, since Gundam Wing enjoyed so much success on Toonami in the 90’s. The Sunrise executives said that they were working with partners in the US to attempt to bring their various series back to television in North America. Whether this means Gundam will come back to Toonami is an open question, but it can only be hoped that will be the case.

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