REWIND – ‘Dead By Dawn’ Trilogy: Sound On Sight Podcast #123

To many horror fans, director Sam Raimi’s name should only be spoken by a chorus of angels, followed by an inner-thigh mopping for those blessed enough to hear the hallowed invocation. His Evil Dead trilogy ran the gamut of hardcore gore to slapstick comedy, and created a cult icon out of Bruce Campbell, who played Ash, the long-suffering, chainsaw-toting hero of all three films. And after more than two decades away from the genre, spent building the Spider Man franchise and producing TV shows about time traveling strippers and Napoleonic secret agents, Raimi has returned to horror. In Drag Me To Hell, Raimi brings his peculiar brand of bloody Three Stooges gags back to the big screen in the story of a bank employee cursed by a gypsy. On this episode, Sound on Sight takes a look at Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell, and revisits the cult classic Evil Dead series.

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