Robotech with Tom Griffin

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Tom Griffin of the Paul Goebel Show comes over to the DVD Shelf to help Simon and Kate take a look at one of the first anime series to make it to America, Robotech.

  1. ollom says

    Being beaten up by your mother is worse than german humor.

  2. ex-sell69 says

    With your podcast about Robotech, I was expecting stupid, and you didn’t disappoint! You all deserve a boot to the head! So first off: Robotech was the first anime that was popular in America?
    I guess you don’t count: Speed Racer, Astro Boy, Kimba, Star Blazers, Voltron, etc. as popular anime. And Robotech was such a suck-cess, that it’s own fan base hates Robotech: Masters…
    And most people had to wait for a home video release of Robotech to see the ending. Wait, Robotech was made back in 1985 (Revel came up with the name Robotech, not Carl “two bit huckster” Mecek), but Japanese anime took off around the 1990’s (Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam W, etc.).
    So isn’t there an over five year time gap in your math? Oh, but I’m a purist, right? Or by todays standards “a regular anime fan” (otaku). I mean, what’s up with purist that want all of Macross to be officially licensed (from Big West), supporting the people that made, with their permission?
    It’s like they don’t like the idea of Macross being in licensing hell?! Or not liking Robotech: The Macross Saga, because they can’t pronounce Macross (take the word “across”. Now add a “M” to the front, what do you got? Not Mac-cross!) right! Or they need to say the name “Robotech” in every episode, like a Pokemon saying his own name!
    Then there’s dub music, so awful, it can make your ears bleed (give me some tampons, my ears are bleeding!)! So, anime doesn’t have to be dubbed like this today… And the last time they did something like this, it was for Robotech: The Untold story (Mega Zone 23 / Southern Cross). A movie so awful, they wished it stood untold.
    So why call Robotech Japanese anime? …Because they benefit from from calling it that! Then, what the point of white washed anime like Robotech, in a world today that would never accept that kind of dubbing process anymore? To show that the world has changed?
    All hail lord Shoji Kawamori! Long live Macross! Death to Harmony Gold! Robotech fans should kill themselves for the love of lord Shoji Kawmori!

    1. Kate Kulzick says

      As we say in the segment, we’re pretty much anime newbies. Thank you for listening though- I’m glad you weren’t disappointed!

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