“Roger Ebert presents at the Movies” to air in January 2011

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Just a few weeks ago “At the Movies”’ last show aired on ABC, and it seemed as though the curtain had finally closed on a legacy that spanned nearly four decades. However, for a show that has been revived under different names, networks and with different hosts, it’s not surprising that this was not the end for America’s favourite film criticism program. On September 10th it was announced that the show would make a return on PBS, the station where it all began. Roger Ebert, whose name has long been inseparable from the program, returns as a producer along with his wife Chaz Ebert. The show will air under the name under “Roger Ebert Presents at the Movies” and is making its debut in January 2011.

The show will be familiar with most that have seen it over its many incarnations; there will even be a return of the “thumbs up/thumbs down” evaluation model. Where the program departs will be in its inclusion of segments on older films, new media, on-demand programming and of course the presence of new hosts.

Christy Lemire and Elvis Mitchell will be the primary co-hosts of the show. Lemire is a film critic for the Associated Press, while Mitchell is best known for his work on radio, namely NPR and “The Treatment” which airs on KCRW. Kim Morgan and Omar Moore, both prominent film bloggers, will be regular contributors and occasional co-hosts.

The show will be accompanied by an interactive multimedia website which will expand on the program and reach a global audience.

Watch Demo of show


From The Chicago Sun Times, “Roger Ebert Presents at the Movies”

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