Sam Raimi Special: Sordid Cinema Podcast #51

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In what might well have wound up as the most heated Sordid Cinema ever (!), Ricky, Edgar and Simon take a slightly askew look at the filmography of one of the most beloved American genre filmmakers of the last three decades. Smack dab in the middle: a sure-to-be-contentious extended segment on Oz the Great and Powerful, Raimi’s most mainstream film to date. In the bookending segments, they take on Raimi’s most intimate projects of the latter half of his career, 1998’s a Simple Plan and 2000’s The Gift.






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  1. Bill Thompson says

    I didn’t hate Oz, but I’m kind of stunned that you loved it as much as you did Ricky. I thought there were too many huge problems with the film.
    The CG looked great on its own, but when melded with the live action it looked atrocious. I could never get past the “Yep, that’s James Franco standing in front of a green screen not even coming close to touching that little CG porcelain girl” visual effect.

    However, the biggest problem in the film is that it has serious lady problems. This film supposes that its female characters are waiting on a man to do everything for them. Every single female character is an empty, vacuous being who exists for no purpose other than to love or like a man. Oz has some of the worst lady problems I have seen in a mainstream film in a long, long time. And I’m sorry Ricky, but the end of the film does not solve those lady problems, it only helps to make them worse and firmly establish just how sexist the film really is.

    1. Ricky says

      I actually don’t love it as much as it seems I do. There is about 20 minutes of the podcast cut out because Simon was being an ass, to the point in which he wouldn’t let me talk. I made the mistake of editing it out, so the listeners don’t understand why I was upset. I would go back and edit it back in, but I don’t have the original file anymore.

      I would have discussed the lady problems further and other many things, had Simon actually finished watching the movie and hadn’t derailed the start of the review.

      I don’t think I ever said the end of the film resolves the lady problems. WHAT I SAID WAS, if Simon had watched the movie till the very end, than he can really validate his argument. Once again, a listeners hearing what I say, and twisting my words. I swear, I must be speaking in a foreign language.

      1. Ricky says

        There is also a bigger chunk in which I compare it to Army of Darkness … which could also be labeled just as sexist … but you know… Army of Darkness is cool and Disney isn’t.

        1. Bill Thompson says

          To be fair, I’m not a fan of Army of Darkness, so it’s not all that cool with me.

          That’s fair, and I’ll be honest I was with you as far as Simon not finishing the movie. I really don’t see the point in railing against a movie that he didn’t bother to finish.

  2. Ronald says

    Oz The Great & Powerful will be a future classic. Magnificent world-building, eye popping 3d, exciting set pieces & very respectful of the classic original.

  3. Simon Howell says

    Just to pre-empt any comments that may arise – and this will look pretty stupid if none arrive – I feel it’s important to be as honest as possible when assessing art of any kind, but bear in mind that I attended the screening of Oz only a couple of hours before recording, so my blood was still more or less boiling, which definitely affected the intensity of my reaction here. If it’s your first time listening, know that I am not usually quite this combative.

    1. Sasa says

      You have to be combative. It makes for good radio.

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