San Diego Comic Con 2014: Top 5 Marvel Announcements

After making some huge (and unfortunately controversial) announcements about Thor and Captain America before San Diego Comic Con, Marvel fleshed out future developments involving these characters and their titles. They also announced the first Star Wars comics since getting the license from Dark Horse. More details can be found in this article. A bulk of the announcements had to do with the upcoming “Spider-Verse” event spinning out of Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man run, which will include every Spider-Man that Marvel currently has the rights to. (No Tobey or Andrew sadly.)


1. Ben Reilly Returns in Scarlet Spiders

Ben Reilly was the clone of Peter Parker made by Jackal that first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #149. He even took up the mantle of Spider-Man when Peter Parker retired to raise his child. Eventually, Peter returned as Spider-Man, and Ben Reilly was killed by Green Goblin towards the end of the infamous “Clone Saga”. He hasn’t appeared in a comic since 1996, but will return in Scarlet Spiders, a team-up comic co-starring two other Peter Parker clones: Ultimate Jessica Drew and Kaine, who recently was Scarlet Spider. No villain has been confirmed for this series other than “evil forces”, but hopefully this book will continue to heal the gaping wound that was “Clone Saga”. Scarlet Spiders is a three issue miniseries that is coming out in November. It will be written by Mike Costa (Transformers, G.I. Joe), who is making his Marvel debut after mostly working on licensed characters for IDW. Scarlet Spiders will be drawn by Paco Diaz, who has worked on a variety of Marvel titles, including Hawkeye, Deadpool, and Dark Wolverine.


2. New Spider-Woman Solo Comic

At the Woman of Marvel panel, a new Spider-Woman solo comic was announced. Its first arc will tie into “Spider-Verse” and will feature the first Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, and new character Silk fighting the forces of Morlun, who is killing off all the Spider-characters across the multiverse. It will be written by Dennis Hopeless, who has built up a cult fan-following for his work on Avengers Arena in which he killed a very popular Marvel hero.. This is Hopeless’ first solo title for Marvel, and he will be joined by Greg Land, who had a lengthy run on Uncanny X-Men and recently drew Mighty Avengers. Land will bring back Spider-Woman’s red and yellow costume from the 1970s as she survives parallel universes and secret spy missions as part of “Spider-Verse”.


3. Angela Gets a Solo Comic

Angela has only been a part of the Marvel universe for one year since her Joe Quesada-drawn appearance in Age of Ultron #10, but she will get her first non-Image title spinning out of Original Sin. Caught between her father Odin in Asgard and the angels that raised her in the Tenth Realm, Angela will struggle to find herself in the new series Angela: Asgard’s Assassin. It will be co-written by Kieron Gillen, who wrote Loki in Journey into Mystery and Young Avengers and Marvel newcomer Marguerite Bennett. Bennett has written a variety of good and evil female character for DC Comics, including Barbara Gordon, Lois Lane, and Joker’s Daughter, but this will be her first ongoing series for Marvel. Angela will be drawn by Phil Jimenez, who is best known for a three year run drawing comics’ leading lady: Wonder Woman. He has also done Astonishing X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel. The first arc of Angela will show her getting used to Asgard before going an espionage mission for them. It will also look at her unique code of honor. Angela: Asgard’s Assassin is coming out in November.


4. Ultron returns in original graphic novel Avengers: Rage of Ultron

The extremely busy comics writer known as Rick Remender rejoins his Uncanny X-Force collaborator artist Jerome Opena for the Avengers: Rage of Ultron original graphic novel. This graphic novel is set in current Marvel continuity and will be released in April 2015, one month before the release of the Marvel film Avengers: Age of Ultron. In an interview with CBR, Remender compared this comic to The Killing Joke and said it will have a “big status quo change” as well as introducing new readers to Hank Pym and Ultron before Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. It will look at the Avengers’ past encounters with Ultron as well as ramifications of the upcoming Avengers and X-Men: Axis event. The comic will be set on Thanos’ home world on Titan where Ultron is living in the planet’s computer core. Avengers: Rage of Ultron is a shrewd marketing on Marvel’s behalf as well as reuniting the creative team for one of their most emotional stories “The Dark Angel Saga” found in Uncanny X-Force.


5. John Layman and Andrea Sorrentino Comics for Marvel Announced

A couple of DC’s best creators are heading to Marvel. John Layman, who recently finished a run on Detective Comics, will take over writing duties on Cyclops replacing Greg Rucka. His run begins in October with Cyclops #6, and he will be joined by artist Javier Garron (Indestructible). Layman will rejoin his old Batman editors Mike Marts and Katie Kubert and write a space opera with lots of dog fights and pirate battles centered around the teenage Cyclops. Layman’s first work for Marvel was a Cyclops story in X-Men Unlimited back in 2003, and he seems like a good fit for the character. Another DC creator coming over to Marvel is Green Arrow artist extraordinaire Andrea Sorrentino. Sorrentino will bring his knack for visually striking action scenes and unique layouts to Uncanny X-Men annual with writer Brian Michael Bendis. The annual will explore the character of Eva Bell, a mutant who can stop time and returned from a training mission having aged a few years. It is a road trip through various nooks and crannies of the Marvel universe and will be a good first Marvel book for Sorrentino. Uncanny X-Men Annual is coming out in November.






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