(Updated) Save the Sound On Sight Podcast

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A couple of weeks ago I announced that I would be leaving the Sound On Sight podcasting world. It was a hard decision to make but nevertheless, one I made. Thanks to many of my friends and some dedicated listeners, I’ve been persuaded to reverse my decision and continue on for another year. However, I’ve decided that in order for the podcast to continue on into 2014, we would need a little support from our listeners. We don’t want to ask anybody for donations, but we feel that because we work so hard, week after week, in producing, editing and hosting the show (not to mention everything else that comes with the gig), we need more feedback. In particular, we need more Itunes ratings. I don’t usually like to harass our listeners to give us a rating on Itunes, and while we casually mention it from time to time on the podcast, we’ve never really emphasized how important it is. Not only do ratings make us more visible on Itunes, but they give us more credibility; thus it will be easier for us to invite more high profile guests on the show, and conduct interviews with some of our favourite filmmakers. Hey remember the time we interviewed John Landis and George A. Romero? Wouldn’t it be sweet to invite on Quentin Tarantino or Guillermo Del Toro?

So I’ve decided that in order to justify all the hard work, I’m setting a goal. We’d like to ask our listeners to give us a review on Itunes. It takes less than a minute of your day, and honestly, compared to the hours we spend week after week producing at least two shows, we feel it isn’t too much to ask for.

If we do not reach a minimum of 100 reviews within the next few months between Canada and the U.S.A., we are seriously considering shutting down the entire podcast… this time for real. Right now we have 65 reviews. So it is up to you dear listeners. Would you take a minute of your day to support us? It feels good to know our hard work is appreciated, so please give back.

Why am I specifically asking for Itunes reviews?

I guess I just need some reassurance that you all actually care, otherwise I can put my free time to other use. Don’t get me wrong, I love sitting around and talking about movies with my friends, but I can easily do this without having to worry about spending hours producing a podcast. I guess the years of hard work has really worn me down. I need some sort of motivation to keep going. Itunes ratings would not only help the show’s visibility, but it would show us you care, and that would be two reasons for me to keep it going. We have thousands of downloads, each week; I’m just hoping a small fraction of our listeners will reach out to us. In all honesty, I’ve notice other shows reach a hundred plus reviews, and I feel my co hosts and I put in just as much hard work.

All you have to do is follow this link. It will take you to our Itunes page. Open up our show on Itunes and give us a review please.

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Thank you again,

Ricky D


  1. Jamil Ahmed says

    Hi long time listener here(UK).Wanted to give my support.Have left a rating on UK iTunes page.Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Josh Slater-Williams says

    Left a rating, though it may well only count for the UK store.

    1. Ricky says

      Thanks Josh. I don’t understand Itunes. Can I see our rating in the UK, if I am based in Canada?

      1. Josh Slater-Williams says

        Not sure. Seems to be only be 17 recorded ratings on the UK store, plus a few positive comments.

        1. Ricky says

          Weird .. I see 34 in Canada. Itunes is so annoying.

          1. David Fiore says

            unfortunately, as far I know, you can only see the comments entered within your own country — there’s probably a way to open up identities specific to other countries, but you can’t see the whole picture from one account…

  3. Ricky says

    Thank you

  4. LeSamurai says

    Rated and reviewed. I hope it turns out on your itunes page.:)

    1. Ricky says

      Thank you!

  5. Rodney Sedgwick says

    Hi Ricky and team, I just left a review on the Australian iTunes page, hope it counts!

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