‘Scalebound’ gameplay trailer unleashes the power of the dragon


A new trailer for Platinum Games’ Scalebound premiered at Gamescom with plenty of gameplay footage, giving a good idea how you and your bonded-for-life dragon sidekick will work together in battles. Looking a lot more like how the movie Dragonheart should’ve been, the dragon takes orders well and destroys stuff even better, providing massive firepower in assistance to the Mr. Jokey-Cool-Guy protagonist, Drew. Not only can he douse enemies with fire from his infernal lungs, but he stomps pathetic soldiers, bashes his tail into buildings, and accidentally knocks over trees when walking because, well, he’s really big.

His size comes into play when going up against a similarly gargantuan creature, and the two clashing beasts are an epic sight in the lush fantasy environments. Luckily Drew does more than talk, and can change into some kind of dragon-man to unleash heavy damage of his own. Platinum certainly knows how to put on an action show, which you can check out in the trailer below.

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