SDCC 2013 Wrapup- Part 0: ComicCon takes over San Diego


Adult Swim-themed funhouse, SDCC 2013
Adult Swim Funhouse erected in Petco parking lot

Each July, Comic Con International descends on San Diego, all but devouring the downtown area. There are ads everywhere, the more elaborate and creative the better, and every year, the offsite activities grow. This expansion is probably somewhat to blame for the unprecedented crowds we saw this year, with more and more would-be attendees heading to San Diego despite getting locked out from tickets to the actual convention. There’s Petco Park, taken over and transformed into the Walking Dead Escape (for a mere $75, see if you can survive this zombie obstacle course without getting turned. Or you can observe for $25). There’s the Petco parking lot, filled with attractions, including the Adult Swim Fun House seen above. There’s the lawn in front of the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, with food and attractions of its own, no ticket required. Then there are the numerous bars and local spaces, taken and converted into geek-friendly hangouts, from Nerd HQ’s charging zone and for-charity celebrity panels to Geek and Sundry’s board gaming and nightly parties.

The trolly stations are labeled in Dothraki, the bars are genre or network themed, and everyone from attendees to street performers get in the spirit of the week. Here are just a few of the various sights to be seen around San Diego at this year’s Comic Con. Next up, Preview Night and the pilots that come with it.

Kate Kulzick

NTSF:SD:SUV:: mural ad, SDCC 2013
Mural promoting NTSF:SD:SUV:: painted on the side of a Gaslamp (downtown San Diego) bar
Helix ad, SDCC 2013
This ad for SyFy’s upcoming series Helix spanned at least a third of this hotel’s height.
Amazing Spiderman 2 ad, SDCC 2013
Yes, this is a giant, wall-sized ad promoting a panel for Amazing Spiderman 2. It’s come to this.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ad, SDCC 2013
This ad for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, the spinoff of OUaT, graced the side of Petco Park
Once Upon a Time ad, SDCC 2013
As did this ad for Once Upon a Time
NBC ad, SDCC 2013
NBC pushed their fall Friday night lineup, Grimm and Dracula, hard this year
NBC wall of ads, SDCC 2013
As well as the rest of their genre programming
SyFy bar, SDCC 2013
SyFy opted to take over an entire bar, instead of just going with a building-sized ad
Enders Game area at SDCC 2013
While Enders Game created a free-standing structure to house their EG experience
Chuck Jones art gallery, SDCC 2013
And across the street from the SyFy bar was this art gallery, dedicated for ComicCon to the work of Chuck Jones
Smurf Village, SDCC 2013
An enormous Smurf and his entirely too small village shared the Petco parking lot with the Adult Swim Funhouse
Bag End and The Hobbit Lego display, SDCC 2013
Meanwhile, across the bridge Lego went to town with this Hobbit-inspired display
Robin, Batman, and the Joker in Lego, SDCC 2013
And this Batman display
Inflatable Teen Titans at SDCC 2013
The Teen Titans shared the lawn of the Hilton Bayfront with Lego
Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, SDCC 2013
As well as the Mystery Machine, complete with Scooby Doo in the passenger seat
Dothraki street signs, SDCC 2013
More than one Con-goer spoke of getting lost thanks to their inability to read Dothraki, as cool as these signs are
Robot street performer, SDCC 2013
The party spilled out into the streets as well, with street performers like this one embracing the geek-friendly atmosphere
Black Sails pirate ship promotion, SDCC 2013
And it also took to the bay, with this tall ship promoting Starz’s upcoming Black Sails giving those in line for the Indigo Ballroom or Ballroom 20 an epic view


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