SDCC 2015: Watch three alternate show videos starring Alison and Donnie from ‘Orphan Black’

Orphan Black

The BBC America series Orphan Black has quickly risen in favour over its three-season run, with critical and commercial acclaim coming from many quarters both for the show in general and specifically for Tatiana Maslany’s numerous performances. Maslany plays four main characters and a number of secondary ones, making her job on the show unique in the television landscape.

One of the main characters Maslany plays is that of Alison Hendrix, a married woman living in the suburbs who was, among others, the result of a genetic cloning experiment years ago. The differing characters allows the show’s writers to delve into exploring a number of different genres, and at the show’s panel during the San Diego Comic-Con, three videos were unveiled that recut Donnie and Alison’s scenes into three different shows. One a horror, with a guest appearance by Helena, the second one is a relationship sitcom, while the third is made in the style of a telenovela. All three videos can be seen below.

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