See Tarantino Films Re-Imagined as Dime-Store Novels

Tarantino Dimestore header

Boy, this does sure to be a day for Tarantino, doesn’t it? While video essays exploring Tarantino’s work are all good and interesting, if there’s anything the internet loves more it’s a good old fashioned mashup. Ads Libitum, a Tumblr page dedicated to classic pop culture art, has re-imagined Tarantino’s filmography as dime-store novel covers, casting Jackie Brown, The Bride, Django and others on the time-worn covers of the kind of novels you’d only find these days in used book stores. The mashup makes a lot of sense, Tarantino drawing more than a little inspiration from pulp novels. He did name a movie Pulp Fiction, after all.

Sadly, the creations aren’t entirely original, taking from pre-existing novel covers and re-purposing or “Tarantino-izing” them. Even better, the prints are available for purchase, and each seems destined to adorn any film buff’s wall. The prints are available at Society6 in a variety of sizes, just be quick…odds are these will sell out soon.

You can check out the full set below, and then head by Ads Libitum on Tumblr for more retro goodness.


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