‘Seinfeld’ coming to Hulu VOD streaming

Seinfeld cast

This is about to become the Summer of George. First The Simpsons was brought to a digital format in epic fashion, then Netflix picked up Friends for Instant Streaming and binge watching and revived Full House, and now the last remaining great ’90s sitcom is finally coming to digital, VOD streaming: Seinfeld.

The show may be about nothing, but according to The Wall Street Journal, Hulu believes it’s truly Sponge Worthy, as they have acquired the rights to all nine seasons of Seinfeld. The show has previously been online via Crackle, who also distribute Jerry Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but this is the first time the entire series will be available in one place.

Back in March, Netflix reportedly passed on the opportunity to pick up Seinfeld, prompting a major bidding war between Amazon, Yahoo, and Hulu for the rights.

Seinfeld has been extremely influential on comedies and dramas in the New Golden Age of Television, and although the show has lived on in syndication since its finale in 1998, a recent episode of our own podcast The Televerse suggested that keeping it out of the streaming canon has somewhat removed it from the cultural conversation. With the show’s Hulu stint, hopefully new audiences will finally be able to understand what all the Yada Yada was about.

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