‘Shame’ – The Best FIlm Of The Year, Finally Gets A Trailer

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The funny thing about the Sound On Sight staff, is that we usually all agree on what the best film of the year is. Two years ago the majority of the crew agreed on Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Last year, most of the staff placed Aronofsky’s Black Swan in first place. Despite the fact that we all reside in various cities across the globe, we all seem to share similar tastes. This year, it seems Steve McQueen’s Shame may take the top spot. Justine, Simon and I all agreed on episode 290 of the Sound On Sight podcast, that Shame was indeed the best film we’d seen all year (so far). Even more, we’ve published three raving reviews thus far. In my review I went on to say, “Shame is many things: daunting, powerful, disturbing, provocative, enthralling and visually arresting. It is also quite simply the best film of 2011”.

Simon has a chance to see Shame at Telluride and wrote, “ Steve McQueen’s stunning follow-up to Hunger, which reunites him with that film’s star, Michael Fassbender, exploits what seems at first to be a straightforward – if unconventional – story of addiction in the ultimate service of exploring just what it is to be a man”.

Finally Louis recently wrote a different take on the film, calling it, “a blunt look at addiction and self-nullification”.

We’ve published a few clips, posters, and stills for the film but never a trailer – until now. The first trailer has finally dropped online thanks to the Guardian, and thankfully it does the movie justice. Enjoy!

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  2. Mario in Philly says

    I’m screening this on Friday at the Philadelphia Film Festival. I’m totally psyched! (I wanna play!) :-)

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