Fantasia 2010: Serbian Mayhem

A Serbian Film


The Serbian spotlight at this year’s Fantasia Film Fest is not for the squeamish. Actually, in the case of two of its films, it might not be fit for viewing by conscious beings – making it perfect fare for the deranged cousin of Sound on Sight we like to call Sordid Cinema. The two films in question: Life and Death of a Porno Gang, a mock-doc chronicling just what the title implies, and particularly the film actually titled A Serbian Film, a similarly inclined but considerably more gruesome take on sex, pornography, death, and moral degradation. On a somewhat lighter note, though reflecting some of the same themes, is the hormonally charged fairy tale Tears for Sale. Fair warning: this hour may describe a number of base and cruel acts. Moreso than usual.



A Serbian Film – Theme
Beogradski Sindikat – Various Tracks
Goran Bregovic – The Bellybutton of the World

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